Black Bess Chronicles and New Member Recruitment

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Just a quick note to report that Black Bess passed her MOT with flying colours, no advisories, earlier today - why was I ever worried.😅

So another year ahead and just the RFL and Insurance Premium to mar the next few days.:msn-cry::happy:

On my way back home I stopped off at a supermarket for a few odds and ends and on returning to BB in the car park a chap intercepted me to ask if he could take a closer look - he was smaller, older and less agile than me so I was happy to oblige but held on to the key anyway. It transpires he had recently moved from London to a village near to us and had been an admirer and past owner of a series of Jags but never an S Type. He had recently given up trying to find a good one and had plumped for a  5 year old 3.0 XF Portfolio(?), which I have to admit was quite nice. It was very clear though that the S Type was what he really, really wanted and for a moment - a very brief moment - I was tempted to offer him a straight swap and I reckon he would snapped my hand off. Theres just something about the S Type that gets hold of so many of us.

Anyway 30 minutes later and after swapping anecdotes regarding his and my previous Jags, and curiously his interest in Audi A8s, I suggested he should join the club and gave him a note of how to find and access the website as he did not come on as being particularly tech savvy.

So here's a question for the moderators and/or site management - do we get a commission for recruiting new members?

Hmmm - is that a tumbleweed I hear?

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Hi Steve

Thanks for promoting the club, but unfortunately there isn't a commission system in place for recruitment of members.
It does help to grow the club community for the benefit of all members though.

Cheers,   Trevor - Admin

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