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Good evening fellow brethren

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Hi, I’m Tim. I live on the far outskirts of Bristol and I’m looking at purchasing a S-Type 2.7 

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Welcome to the club, Tim.

The S Type is a very good car, comfortable, a great road holder and the 2.7 engine is very reliable.  I have had mine for over five years and other than fuel, tyres and a new battery the only expense I have had was a new water pump [supplied and fitted cost £135].

The big diesel engine needs the best quality fuel [I use Shell V Power] and on a long run it will return well over 45 mpg - I have had 50.2 mpg.  

I have never had a issue with the Diesel ParticularFilter, as I just make sure I have a long run once a year and use  a DPF cleaner additive - Millers ECO Plus ever other full fill up or so.

Some drivers will mention the sills can suffer some rust underneath the plastic covers but mine are still in good condition after over 11 years.

Look for as many bells and whistles on the car you choose, and ask for the service history and check the car you choose by looking at its MOT history using the Free App Vehicle Smart.




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