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Just spent the last 6 hours clay baring polishing and waxing 

clay bar followed by silver T cut and finished with merr extra gloss very happy with result 



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Good Job Christian

She has come up really well

just a little heads up by the way, try not to park her in the direct sun during the hottest part of the day (try and find shade for the front) temps of about 24 - 26c will set the alarm off! with the sun beating down, just an unfortunate quirk with her, others on the JOC have had similar experiences. 

anyway the Adamesh sports boxes do come up well, just thought you may be interested in this..




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Yea I found out about the alarm yesterday lol when my wife phoned me saying the alarm is going off. Exhaust and trim detailing is tonight’s job then interior having said that the interior is pretty much mint. I have a set of skate grey lambs wool over rugs on order too 

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