Restricted performance 2.7D SE S Type Auto

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Hi all

Hoping you may be able to offer some advice. About 2 months ago started getting the EML and restricted performance. Had a diagnostic by an independent Jag specialist which pulled out 'P0046 TURBO BOOST CONTROL SOLENOID CIRCUIT/RANGE A'. They investigated further to advise it was actually a probable EGR issue. Booked it in to have replaced but garage then advised EGR was fine and they now suspect TURBO VARIABLE VANE STICKING. I pulled the plug at this point as we could be talking silly money. They also asked what fuel I have been using. Generally, I had been using BP Ultimate but then found the Mrs had been using  supermarket regular diesel.

Now, let me give you some facts. The EML light stays on every start up but restricted performance only kicks in when I get up to temperature regardless of how I drive it. Car has mainly been used for city centre in the last year. Suspecting carbon build up I have filled up with Shell V Power, used a couple of turbo cleaner treatments in the tank and sprayed EGR cleaner into the air intake. Still, it persists and is frigging dangerous trying to build up speed to get off a slip road.

Anybody had similar issues? 

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Hi. I had the same problem several times. Someone posted a reply on this forum which worked for me. After turning on the ignition, wait until all the start up lights have gone out before proceeding to start the engine. As I said, worked for me. 

I always used Shell VPOWER or Texaco Supreme. Again,  had no issues as long as I stuck with these.

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