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Anybody know this car? XFR 2010


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Hi all. 


Totally new to Jags. But seen a nice XFR that's caught my eye. Went and viewed it and really loved it. However did not purchase as was put off by a rather noisy engine bay. Seemed to be a loud knocking/rattly noise coming from the top front area of the engine? It's sounded rhythmical rather than random and seemed to get louder as the car was revved harder. I did do a bit of searching online and thought it might be the SC torsional isolator fault?? But unsure. 

Just wanted to know if anyone knew the car or has any advice! Also any idea what it would cost to repair if it was the torsional isolator. 



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Hi Umar,

first impression mate, that mightily cheap for an R of that year, I paid that for my 2011 XFS.

So that itself would send alarm bells ringing in my head, especially with the advert saying 'its and easy fix'! If its easy go do it and charge £16000 where it probably should be price wise.

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