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XJS meets D-type

Carole Simpson-Hadley

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Yes, that's right.......Saturday last (September 15) gave us the privilege of lining up our XJS "Purrrdy" alongside the D-type at JLR Classic at Ryton; what a day to remember!

The occasion was a special day set up by the XJS Cabriolet Club whereby all various XJS club members were invited along; similar to the Jaguar Breakfast Club "XJ at 50" event two weeks previously (subject of another thread under Jaguar Lounge) when 200+ XJs lined up at JLR Classic, with a further 140+ various Jaguars across the road at SVO.

There were some interesting and rare examples of the XJS, including a Lister, a Le mans Edition, and an Eventer estate.    The usual selection of JLR Classic staff were on hand, as always happy to discuss the various projects underway (XK SS, D-type, E-type Reborn, XJ220, LR and RR Reborn etc).  They are all a credit to their profession.     As always, the JLR Collection was also available for viewing.

One of the senior project engineering gents (as seen on the TV series about recreating the XK SS on C4) kindly decided to bring the D-type around to the front (accompanied by some beautiful sounds from the XK power unit fed by triple Webers) as a photo opportunity............enough said.

Spot the difference in the first photo!  Wanda the mascot does, of course, have to have the last word in the last photo.      The mascot in our XK is named Felixstowe, on account of his name was Felix but he stowed away.  Also, he likes Suffolk.  As Ryton is not in Suffolk, he stayed at home for this event.    Oh dear.  Pass the sedatives.
















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Given recent discussions elsewhere in the forum more than a few of us would need a block and tackle to get in and out of the D Type - would that have been a factory option?

Not having seen the XK SS programme I am not sure if the driver is the engineer or YOH so will be careful from here - however, on the surface it appears that I may be about as nimble and lithe as he but I'm still pondering how he managed the feat without serious damage to the coachwork; never mind him.

I was admiring the various models in your pics when I came to the Eventer. A few years back I happened to overtake what appeared to be a stretched 4 door estate with a Porsche badge on it - the thought that came immediately to mind was 'Why?'.

Sorry to say but the Eventer provoked a capitalised and italicised form of the same question.

Thanks for the pics Carole, looks like you guys had a great day. I'm surprised Purrdy did not come away with a Blue Ribbon.:yes:

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49 minutes ago, cubist said:

Not having seen the XK SS programme I am not sure if the driver is the engineer or YOH so will be careful from here


Thankyou Steve!    The gent in the D-type is actually the engineer i-c, Kev Riches, a font of knowledge but very friendly.  MOH, as always, was in the shadows..............

We are not sure about the block and tackle factory option but did witness the factory option bonnet nose protector masquerading as a kneeling pad....see additional photo.  The second additional photo is of the electrics nerve centre of the D-type, from the days when things were repairable and OBD readers were subscribers to 'Otspur  Beano and Dandy.

Ref the Eventer, we take your point.......full payload might be one hamster, with a possible stretch to a guinea pig.  Answer to question "why?"......probably because you can.

But what a great experience; sadly, D-type and XJ220 are but a pipe dream, particularly when you consider that the 2 year service on a XJ220 includes new clutch and all engine belts, at a cost of circa £6K.  And one for yourself, guv.

Continue to enjoy your Black Bess but do consider a visit to JLR Classic if you get an opportunity; you will not be disappointed.





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Just to be clear, this isn't a restored D-type from the '50s.  This is one of the "continuation" run of 25 D-types newly created at JLR Classic.   The original intention of Jaguar was to build 100 D-types but only 75 were completed.  Thus the "new" 25 fulfil the original intention, built in either short or long-nose form.  The one pictured is long-nose.

This is the third "continuation" production. The first was the missing 6 Lightweight E-types built in 2014/15, followed by the 9 XK SS which, in original form, were destroyed in the Browns Lane fire of February 1957.

We can but dream!!

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