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2012 Jaguar XF S


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Hi All. 

Am new here as well as new to owning a Jaguar XF  

I have a Jaguar XFs (2 weeks and counting) and have already found issues!!

3 alloys with buckles and an interior light with a kind of it’s own. 

Wheels are being made true next week so hopefully that will resolve that issue  

Is there anything else that I should be keeping an eye out for?

Otherwise... glad to have tuned my back on BMW 

Previously have had the pleasure of owning an S Type R too. 

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Hi Raj, and welcome to the Club!

It sounds as though the previous owner may have failed to slow down for speed humps, or hit a lot of potholes.

I had an Xf3.0D S about four years ago. The only problem I had with mine was with the warning light for the TPMS, which came on (usually in wet weather), randomly showing issues with one wheel after another, even though the tyre pressure was fine.

That item apart, it was a great car, which I only sold because I retired, and my mileage no longer suited a diesel.

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Thank you Leo. 

Thank you for your advice and comments  

I don’t think that my car has tpms as it has the normal tyre valves... which may be a blessing disguise then. 

I am having the wheels made correct instead of replacing them as I feel that with today’s technology, it should be just as good as buying new. 

As for potholes, which there are plenty of nowadays, I am avoiding them all like the plague and more. 

Aprt from this, super pleased with my purchase and am looking forward to keeping the car regardless of diesel-gate. 

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Mine was the Portfolio, and the sound quality was the best I have heard in any car.

The sound quality in the XK is all right, but certainly not as good. I never have the CD or radio on now anyway, preferring to listen to the soundtrack made by the V8: I never tire of hearing that!

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