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  1. Wren (if I remember the coin correctly it had a wren on it)
  2. Hi Lawrence, and welcome to the Club! My first thought would be the battery: These cars throw up all sorts of messages if the battery is low. How old is the battery, and are you doing many short journeys? When I first bought my XK five years ago I had issues like this, due to the fact that it was not my daily drive. I bought a CTEK battery conditioner, and leave it charging when it is unused for a few days. Result: Battery always fully charged, and no more spurious messages.
  3. I remember 40 odd years ago, when I had an early Range Rover with aircon (rare in those days), people used to approach me in car parks to tell me that my radiator was leaking. It was only the moisture extracted by the aircon. Actually, that aircon unit was rubbish: It used to freeze up if used for more than a few minutes, and the air circulation in the car was also very poor.
  4. As Clive says, that is normal. Assuming that the puddle isn’t a small lake!
  5. My XK has a lock behind the rear number plate, which you can turn with the key to open the tailgate if the battery is flat. Maybe the XE has something similar?
  6. Mine is the later XK, so aluminium body. On yours you need to make sure it is rust free. Apart from that, I leave other XK8 owners to comment.
  7. Welcome to the Club! Much depends on whether you would use the extra power of the XKR, or whether you would be perfectly happy with the performance of the XK. If performance is not the deciding factor, I would go for the best car you can find: I would want it to be in perfect condition with absolutely all of the electrics in full working order, and with a good service history. In my experience you know the right one when you see it. I have had mine for five trouble free years, and still love it!