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  1. Hi Tom, and welcome to the Club. The best cover is probably the Carcoon, but it all depends how much you want to spend, and where you keep the car!
  2. Welcome to the Club Dave, from an XK owner just down the road from you! Enjoy both the car and the Club.
  3. I had the waxoyling done a few years ago, and can’t remember how much it cost, but it wasn’t expensive.
  4. Hi Roger, and welcome to the Club. I had mine Waxoyled to protect it.
  5. It also shows why journeys of a couple of miles seriously deplete our batteries.
  6. I wonder if it is doing a DPF regeneration? You should make sure that regenerations are given time to complete before switching off, give it a longer (20 miles plus) run at motorway speeds at least once a month, and always use premium diesel. A bit of a bind, I know, but these DPFs are simply unsuitable for cars that only do short runs.
  7. Indigo Blue: It looks fantastic all the time, and particularly so when polished. You may guess that my XK is Indigo Blue, and you would be right, but I am not biased: I chose it because I love the way it looks. My previous Jaguar was Obsidian Black. That looked great when sparkling clean, but not so good when anything less than spotless.
  8. Leo


    CTEK is a make of battery conditioner which a lot of members use.
  9. Leo


    Yes, you can charge it in situ if you use a CTEK or similar battery conditioner.
  10. Welcome to the South West from the North East. I had an XF 3.0D S, which was a great car. Enjoy both the XF and the Club!
  11. Michelin Crossclimate Plus are amazing if you can get them in the appropriate size.
  12. It is quite shocking that these lovely cars are worth so little.....Except when you want to buy! I trust you get a decent price from someone who will look after it.
  13. She wil forgive you if you connect her to a CTEK!
  14. Welcome to the Club Danny, from not so far away! I am on my second Jaguar now: I loved my XF 3.0D S, and am totally smitten by my XK! I think that Jaguars tend to have this effect on their owners, and I hope and expect that you may find the same!