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  1. I swear by the CTEK. My XK is often unused for a week or two (and sometimes more than 2 months when we visit our daughter in New Zealand). If it hasn’t been used for a week or so I put it on the CTEK, and leave it on until it is next used. I have been doing this for six years now, and the battery is always fully charged.
  2. The fact is that in this nanny state of ours speed limits are constantly being lowered. Many 30 limits are coming down to 20, which is incredibly difficult to observe. Scotland is looking to reduce all 30 limits to 20, even on A roads. They have done this already in the borders, to see how it goes. It is utterly ridiculous in some instances. Nobody minds reducing to 20 when passing schools and the like, but doing it for miles for no apparent reason is just awful. However, you can get pulled over for driving too slowly: I saw it happen when an old guy was doing about 15 in a 30 limit. He was causing an obstruction, and the police obviously wanted to check whether he should be driving at all.
  3. I sold my XF 3.0S when I retired six years ago, purely and simply because I wasn’t sure my typical journeys would be suitable for diesel. I bought the XK, and have never regretted it! That said, it isn’t my daily drive, and would be a bit thirsty for 300 miles a week! Our dog walks and shopping trips all use our Citroen C4 Grand Picasso, and the combination of the two is perfect for our needs.
  4. I had this on my XFS six years ago. Very annoying, and in my case it seemed to be linked to wet roads, so I assume that water was getting in to the sensors. I sold the car (not for that reason) soon after it started happening, so never did resolve it. I am not a fan of TPMS or oil level warnings, much preferring to check pressures and levels for myself. My XF was a great car though, and I only sold it because I retired, didn’t need four seats any more, and wanted petrol rather than diesel.
  5. Do you ever get any other warnings? Incorrect warnings are often caused by the battery being low.
  6. I would get the dealer to get the second key, and to programme it to the car, so that you can check that both are present and working when you pick it up.
  7. John is right: The XK does indeed have an emergency key incorporated into the fob. I used mine some years ago when I had a flat battery. The manual lock for the tailgate is behind the number plate.
  8. On my XK the number plate is stuck on with two adhesive strips. It is a question of pulling the right hand side (on the XK) out far enough to get the key in. The number plate then presses back on to the adhesive trip perfectly well. We should really do this maybe on an annual basis just to lubricate the lock, so we don’t find it stuck when we eventually need to use it.
  9. Thanks Peter, I thought that may well be the same!
  10. The keyhole in the XK is hidden behind the rear number plate. I don’t know whether it is the same on the S Type.
  11. Most probably down to a low battery, if you haven’t been using the car much, or only for short trips. I had that issue some years ago, but since keeping the battery charged with a CTEK battery conditioner I have had no such problems.
  12. Hi Geoff, and welcome to the Club. Given that your XK is a 2009 model, it will surely be an aluminium bodied XK, rather than the earlier XK8, which changed to the XK in 2006. Mine is an early version of the new XK, even though it is a 2006 model. The model names are a bit confusing, given that it is not an XK8, but is powered by a 4.2 V8 engine! Anyway, I have had mine for 6 years now, and still absolutely love it. Enjoy your XK, and the Club!