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  1. Hi Larry, and welcome to the Club! This sounds battery related: How old is the battery, and what kind of mileage do you do on a daily basis? If the battery is more than 4 years old I would change it. If your usual runs are short it would be useful to plug it into a CTEK battery conditioner or similar once every week or so.
  2. Roy, I notice that your details need to be updated: Still showing your car as a 2006 X-Type. I know that your query referred to the XF, but an update would make it easier to keep track of the model in question.
  3. Maybe your battery is low: That stops it working.
  4. I haven’t looked at the fuel consumption for years: I have the display set to show the range remaining in the tank, which is what matters most to me! I think that on a journey from Edinburgh to Newcastle I got about 23mpg. I dare say that it would be possible to get it to 25mpg, but most of the time I imagine it will be sub 20mpg, but have never checked.
  5. I went from the XF 3.0D S to the XK nearly six years ago, and still absolutely love my low mileage 4.2. I have had no trouble at all in that time, and it still looks pretty much showroom both inside and out: Not bad for a 13 yer old car! I love the sound of the V8, and it still seems very quick indeed to me, so I have no desire for a 5.0. However, we are all different of course, so the choice is really down to the individual.
  6. Hi Rob, and welcome to the Club! Your XK is the same colour inside and out as mine, which I believe is simply the best combination. I have had mine for over five years now, and still love it as much as ever. Enjoy both your XK and the Club!
  7. It is unlikely that your daily commute will be enough to keep a diesel particulate filter clear. Do you do longer distances at above 50mph on a regular basis? If so, that’s great. If not, it would be my opinion that the diesel may not be best suited to your needs.
  8. How long is your daily commute, and what does it comprise? For me it was ten miles each way in stop start traffic and would have led to DPF problems when I retired, since I would no longer be doing longer and faster runs on a regular basis. If you do go for the diesel, I would advise you to use premium diesel, which is much cleaner and results in far fewer regenerations.
  9. Hi Rory, and welcome to the Club! I had the XF3.0D S five years ago, but sold it when I retired since I recognised that my mileage was going to make me worry about the DPF on the diesel. If most of your journeys are fairly long, and at 50mph or more, that worry may not be applicable to you. Yes, my XK is thirsty, but I have no regrets at all. Whichever you decide on, make sure that the one you are looking it has a full service history, is immaculate, and that everything on it is in full working order.
  10. The CTEK will stop the battery being so discharged, but not stop the cause: There is no way it should be in this state every other day, even with short stop-start runs. There must be something going on, and I am wondering if something is causing a short circuit on a regular (but not constant) basis. If it were constant I assume that the garage would have found it.
  11. They do produce a lot of brake dust. You can change to third party pads that produce far less: I can’t remember the name, but members will doubtless advise.
  12. My XK has averaged less than 3000 miles a year Over its life of 13 years. All that I can say is that I have had it for five of those years, and they have been trouble free: Just a brake light bulb and an indicator bulb, at a total cost of about a tenner. I made my decision on the basis of immaculate condition, and service records.
  13. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!
  14. Hi Jason, and welcome to the Club! I had exactly the same feelings as yourself when I bought my XK, and five years later I still have that same feeling every time I drive it. Mine has been totally reliable (touch wood) for those five years: Just one brake lamp bulb and one indicator bulb, at a total cost of about a tenner. Enjoy both the car and the Club!
  15. Hi Gary, and welcome to the Club! If they have had the car a while the battery may be low, and low batteries do throw up all manner of electrical issues on our cars. Get them to charge it overnight, and see if the warning persists.