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  1. I wonder if it is doing a DPF regeneration? You should make sure that regenerations are given time to complete before switching off, give it a longer (20 miles plus) run at motorway speeds at least once a month, and always use premium diesel. A bit of a bind, I know, but these DPFs are simply unsuitable for cars that only do short runs.
  2. Indigo Blue: It looks fantastic all the time, and particularly so when polished. You may guess that my XK is Indigo Blue, and you would be right, but I am not biased: I chose it because I love the way it looks. My previous Jaguar was Obsidian Black. That looked great when sparkling clean, but not so good when anything less than spotless.
  3. Leo


    CTEK is a make of battery conditioner which a lot of members use.
  4. Leo


    Yes, you can charge it in situ if you use a CTEK or similar battery conditioner.
  5. Welcome to the South West from the North East. I had an XF 3.0D S, which was a great car. Enjoy both the XF and the Club!
  6. Michelin Crossclimate Plus are amazing if you can get them in the appropriate size.
  7. It is quite shocking that these lovely cars are worth so little.....Except when you want to buy! I trust you get a decent price from someone who will look after it.
  8. She wil forgive you if you connect her to a CTEK!
  9. Welcome to the Club Danny, from not so far away! I am on my second Jaguar now: I loved my XF 3.0D S, and am totally smitten by my XK! I think that Jaguars tend to have this effect on their owners, and I hope and expect that you may find the same!
  10. Hi Sally, and welcome to the Club. I had the XF3.0D S, and found it superb. However, what length of journeys do you do? Short journeys will cause problems with the diesel particulate filter, so if that is your kind of usage you would be better off looking at a petrol engine.
  11. Paul, yes the CTEK MXS 5.0 will be a good choice. You can get them with comfort leads, which you attach permanently to the battery, and provide you with a socket simply to plug in to when you want to use it. You would connect it to the main battery. On the XK the battery is in the boot. I did have an XF some years ago, but to my surprise I really can’t remember where the battery was..... Probably because I was doing a high mileage, and never had to think about it!
  12. Paul, it would appear from your mileage that you don’t do many miles in the average week. Can you please describe the typical types of journeys done in a normal week. Given the time of year when this has happened, my first thought would be that your battery isn’t getting to charge on long enough journeys to keep it in prime condition. If that is the case, get yourself a CTEK (or similar) battery conditioner, and give it a full 24 hour charge once every week or so. You don’t need to remove the battery to do this.
  13. Hi Ken, and welcome to the Club. You will have picked up your lovely XF today and I look forward to your comments. I am sure that you will have that Jaguar grin already! Whereabouts in Tyne & Wear are you? I am in Ryton. Now just enjoy the car and the Club!
  14. Hi Ben, and welcome to the Club! I had exactly the same model, and loved it: Grace, pace and space aplenty, so true to the Jaguar spirit. Also, I reckoned that the sound system in my Portfolio was the best I had ever heard in a car. I believe that it may have gone downhill a bit in later models. Enjoy both the XF and the Club!