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Hazard light problem


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Hello guys! I have one problem on my Jaguar xf 2009 and can't find how I can solve it. Looks like my hazard button not working. I tried to change button block on panel, but it still not working, that mean it is not button problem.  So when I turn on signals left or right lights are flashing, when I press lock or unlock buttons on smart key, lights flashing too. So I was loocking for information in Jaguar awners handbook about fuses, but I cant find fuse witch is responsible for hazard light. It is posible? Can someone recomendet for me, what I can check more? Maybe I mised something? Fuses or more?

Im new in this club :) and this is my first JAAAG :) And Im in love this cat! :D

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Has anyone came up with possible causes for the hazard switch not to operate the 4 flashers?

My 60 plate Jag has developed the same fault ...

Indicators work OK when left or right selected.

Both operate when alarm is selected ... so all bulbs are fine and I assume fuses are too.

I have not tried to change the panel switch yet as I though the problem may be related to the fuse box in some way ...

Does anyone have a breakdown of the rear fuse box and which relays or wires are linked the hazard operation?


Need this fixed soon as MOT is not far off .....

Rather attempt to fix it myself than send to workshop ... last bill was £880 for Alternator that blew and took out my battery as well.

cheers Jim


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Managed to fix the problem (Well temp fix at the moment).

Pulled the righthand rear panel to expose the fuse box in the boot above the battery.

Removed each connector in turn and inspected for any sign of corrosion … known Jag XL problem due to leak in one of the welds.

Found the bottom connector when removed exhibited corrosion where cable / individual connector pin entered the plastic connector block.

Could not remove the pins but did multiple insertion / removal of the connector to scrape the pins … this has worked.

When hazard button on dash is pressed, the hazard warning lams flash as expected.

I'll try and source a new connector or one from a scrap yard and replace in the future.

For now … operational once more.



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