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Faulty smart key


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Apologies if this has been posted before.I have researched various forums and cant get a direct answer.

I have a smartkey that is not recognised by my car.This occured shortly after a battery change.The key will work in the dock and start the car but is otherwise unrecognised and will not lock doors etc.

I have been to auto electricians who told me the key is not emitting any signal so has to go to Jaguar.


Today I took it to my Jaguar dealer who were not in the slightest bit helpful.They told me that I must have a diagnostic check which is £169 plus vat per hour and it is likely that I will need two new smart keys at £600 the pair.When I picked myself up off the floor I politely declined their offer.


Is there any other way around this problem that would not bankrupt me? All suggestions greatly appreciated .



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