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2.2D - Smoking badly, and vibrating


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Hi, having owned a X Type 2.0D in the past and loving it, I have just purchased a 2007 2.2d Estate to replace my BMW520d. I know there have been many threads with the same issues, most of which I read and tried, but now I am at my wits end.

Got the car for a good price, due to the smoking and vibrations. I have tried the usual things with the smoking, cleaned the EGR, although it looked like it had only just been done or replaced. Replaced turbo breather pipe, even though no visible damage on the old one. Inserted a EGR blanking plate with a 10mm hole. Still smoking like a bonfire through the gears under mid to heavy revs.

I had assumed the vibrations would be driveshaft (although haven't done anything yet, because want to sort the smoking first) but only vibrates after 50mph-70 mph and only when engine is under load, ie. speeding up, when just rolling at this speed range or decelerating there is no vibration. (The vibration is only through the seats and floor pan, not the steering).

After looking at a few posts on here I am confused as there is a nipple on my air inlet just before the MAF sensor, but can not find any vacuum pipe to attach? Now starting to wander if both issues are not connected, perhaps injectors?

Any help would be appreciated.


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