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Wiper Blades - length.

Lord Sladacre

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Good Evening,

i have just replaced the standard blades which appear to be 24" (torn rubber) and 19" respectively with the newer flat design. It was recommended by Autobitz - having referred to the "wiper book" that a 22" and 19" - given the flat shape would actually be the recommended fit. Certainly I don't have a problem with the area cleared by both wipers - I suspect that the proof is in the pudding, so that is fine. Of course, I couldn't resist measuring the screen for the normally prescribed standard wiper once at home and found that it would be incredibly tight to fit a 24" (normally recommended)  anyway, with a 19" - any comment from members would be appreciated.  I'm still recovering from some years back mistakenly fitting "oversized" x 3 blades to my Mk1 1/2 1968 - E type Coupe. - hence my interest - or paranoia, as these are at least under sized !! Regards, Dominic. 

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