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New Jag XF - need some help please


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Hi there,

I'm a new proud owner of a Jan 2019 XF Portfolio.

I've been banging my head against the wall with Jaguar customer service and my local dealer - useless!

Took delivery of car this week. I paid extra for cd player - so I could rip cd's direct to the Media Library & the 10gb of onboard storage.

Unfortunately - there is no option to rip cd's, no media library or onboard storage within my car.

Every review, video, car handbook and info on Jag website says there are all of above with the XF model.

I've been through settings a dozen times, I'm quite clued up on tech, so I know its not there.

Yet my car has none - Jag can't even tell me if the car should have it in the UK! They said ask the dealer and dealer said ask Jaguar!

So do any of you have this " Media library" & cd ripping options?

Also what happened to the auto dipping wing mirrors in reverse? They are missing.

I built the car via the Jag website and sent PDF to supplier. There were no actual options for onboard memory or the wing mirrors.

Have I missed something here?

Any info most welcome, as the salesman is a prat and Jaguar customer service useless.



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Welcome to the Club, Sean.

I Don't know about the latest model, mine is 2013 so it is an X250, not the current x260 model but mine has a Hard Drive for the Satnav.  It also has the ability to RIP 10 Cds onto it plus has a USB port which can contain as many CDs as you can fit on the memory stick used.  I would have thought that the newer models would have at least this level if not more.


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I'm new here myself.

I believe that the auto dipping mirrors on reverse only come if you have the memory seats/mirrors as an option fitted to your car.

I think, from reading elsewhere, that since they added the Incontrol Pro version to all models that there is no hard drive option.

Others will hopefully confirm this though its only what I have read elsewhere.

Pity your dealer does not know, sometimes their lack of knowledge on some things is quite astonishing.


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