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  1. Welcome to the Club, Arron. I am originally from Lanark but now live in West Lothian. I am on my third Jaguar having previously owned two 2.5 V6 X-Type AWDs wishing you many happy miles in your S-Type.
  2. Welcome to the Club, Kevin
  3. Previously Alva, Clacmannanshire, Now West Lothian
  4. Just a personal preference but I prefer it the way it was designed.
  5. I replaced my Battery about 3 months ago I obtained a replacement (Exide) from Tayna Batteries online delivered next day for £136 only problem is the long bolt securing e battery clamp it if you look underneath the floorpan of the boot underneath the battery you will see the threads of it protruding about a couple of centimetres. Make sure you give the treads a good clean with a wire brush and soak with WD40 or similar (I cleaned mine and sprayed it with WD40 the day I ordered the battery and the next day just before replacing it) take care not to be too aggressive in removing it or it will snap I managed to ease it slowly a bit at a time without any side pressure and got it out OK. After fitting the only two thing that needs resetting were BMS which I managed with an iCarsoft OBD LR2 altough I believe that the BMS will self reset over the next couple of days if you don't reset it manually. The only other thing needing resetting were the Windows which basically only need fully opened and closed a few times.
  6. I also have a 2013 2.2d Portfolio, around 3 four months ago the Eco Stop/Start stopped working. No other symptoms, everything else was fine. I only had an old Battery Charger which is no use for AGM Batteries so got myself a Ctex MSX5 Charger. I connected it to the small Battery first (Positive to battery port, negative to a bolt on the chassis) and it charged the Battery reasonably quickly. I then similarly connected it to the main Battery after a few seconds, the fault light started to flash on the Charger. I double-checked I had connected it correctly and retried with the same result. The instructions for the Charger advised that if this was the case the Battery was either 1) Heavily Sulphated, 2) Cannot be charged or 3) Cannot hold a charge and in all three instances would require replacement. The car was still starting effortlessly but bearing in mind it was six years old (Original) and that we were coming up to Winter I sourced an Exide Replacement online from Tayna Batteries for £136 delivered next day. After fitting the Battery and resetting the BMS and the Electric Windows, this cured the Eco Stop/Start Fault. I would suggest that if your car still has the original Battery fitted it will be at or near the end of its productive life. The Ctex is a godsend now that we are in Lockdown as the car is very rarely used. I have fitted the Ctex Comfort Fit & Battery Indicator, so I can check when I need to top up the charge as I have installed the indicator in a small opening cut in the boot sidelining (Template supplied). Using those mentioned above, it is merely a case of connecting the Charger to the inlet plug inside the boot. No fiddling with clamps or even raising the boot floor
  7. bmcl6


    I also have CTex (MSX5 AGM Compatible) with Comfort Indicator, only requires a few minutes to install of the Indicator. The positive wire to Positive Post on Battery and Negative to a nearby Bolt in the chassis. A small cut in the lining fabric of the boot (template supplied) to hold the Indicator in place. Small LED Indicators flash Red (Battery=discharged, Amber=Charge Battery Soon, Green=Battery fully charged). It is an easy task to check the battery by merely opening the boot and check the Indicator. If any charging needed simply plug the charger into the Indicator unit and leave for as long as it needs it will automatically top up the battery and continue to monitor the charge topping up as required.
  8. I also have a MY13 2.2d XF which i acquired about 18 months ago. When I got it the Stop/Start worked fine but a few months ago it stopped working. I have Ctek smart battery charger which on connecting to the Main Battery advised that it was either "heavily Sulphated", "could not be charged" or "could not hold a charge". The car was performing fine and started ok but as the battery was obviously the problem with Stop/Start. I ordered an Exide Replacement Battery from Tayna Batteries on line for £136 which was delivered next day, I fitted it and Stop/Start has worked flawlessly ever since.
  9. I have a MY13 Portfolio, it has DAB and Bluetooth streaming from my Phone.
  10. Welcome to The Club, Ray.
  11. Welcome to the Club, Mark. I have had two previous X-Types both were great reliable cars.
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