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  1. Welcome to the Club, shared the same prior employment, good luck in your search. On my third Jag (2 X-Types and now on XF)
  2. I got the code with the USB Stick, it is tied to the Vin Number.
  3. Welcome to the Club, Alan.
  4. Welcome to the Clu, Dave. Like Peter, I also had (2) 2.5 X-Types (AWD). No on a 2.2d XF Portfolio and cannot imagine me driving another brand.
  5. Welcome to the Club, Alan.
  6. Welcome to the Club, John. I have had 2 X-Types previously and both were great cars.
  7. Welcome to the Club Terry, I was on the brink of buying a Mercedes some years back, I arrived at the showroom for a pre-arranged test drive and went for a spin in it and had more or less decided to go for it. When we arrived back at the showroom I spotted a Jaguar 2.5 v6 X-Type AWD and asked if I could have a spin in it. It was head and shoulders above the Merc in finish & handling and I plumped for that instead. Although it was the first Jag I owned I was used to driving them as we had them at work many years ago 3.8mk2 & 4.2 XJs. I followed this with another X-Type then had 6 years with a Volvo XC90 (which I admit I liked as well) before getting my current & third Jag a 2.2d XF Portfolio and have no regrets. If this one is as reliable as my past two (only had it 8 months) it will do for me. Man happy miles in your Jaguar.
  8. When I got mine I Virus Scanned the USB Stick on my PC before installing it. Installation went faultlessly but took 2.5 hours.
  9. I got it here Ivor.
  10. Welcome to the Club, John. Nice looking car.
  11. Welcome to the Club, Philip. Many happy miles in your XF. I updated my SatNav to the latest version (2018) and it made a big difference. Yours will be the same as mine (also 2013) so will be the HDD version, which comes on a USB stick and takes about 2.5 - 3.0 hours to update but you can do it on a long drive. I cannot remember where I got mine but will have a look for the receipt as it was around half the price of the Official Jaguar price I paid £85 (it comes with a unique key code tied to your Vin Number).
  12. Welcome to the Club, Ewan. Nice looking car.
  13. Welcome to the Club, David. Nice looking car.