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  1. bmcl6

    New member

    Welcome to the Forum Paul.
  2. bmcl6

    Its hello from me

    Welcome to the Forum, Martin.
  3. bmcl6


    Welcome to the Forum, Ray
  4. bmcl6

    Hello all

    Welcome to the Forum, Simon. I am now on my third Jaguar although drove a few more at work back in the day. Plenty of Knowledge, Help & Advice here. Had the current one 4 months now, but still get a big smile on my face every time I drive it.
  5. bmcl6

    New to Jags..

    Welcome to the Forum, Rhys.
  6. bmcl6

    Hello All

    Welcome to the Forum, Francis.
  7. bmcl6

    Hi new to club and 1st jaq

    Welcome to the Forum, Anthony. Some years back I had a 2.5 V6 AWD X-Type and loved it. Love present wheels even more.
  8. bmcl6

    New Norfolk Bod!

    Welcome to the Forum, Reg.
  9. bmcl6

    Hi from Wales

    Welcome to the Forum, Murray. My first Jag was a 2.5 V6 X-Type AWD. Loved it and love present XF even more.
  10. bmcl6


    Welcome to the Forum Stephaan.
  11. bmcl6

    Pick up our XF on Friday

    Ken, Mine wanted a Mondeo or something similar as well, been there and done that many years ago, as we were trading in a Volvo XC90 I thought the Mondeo was a step too far, having previously had a Jaguar X-Type prior to the Volvo and on looking at the XF Portfolio we bought it was "no competition", the quality of finish and the old Jaguar feeling of being surrounded by the car in superb leather comfort it was a done deal. She now loves the XF as much as I do. Looking forward to a wee trip down to York and the North Yorkshire Dales.
  12. bmcl6

    Back to Jaguar after many years

    Welcome to the Forum Michael.
  13. bmcl6

    New member:

    Welcome to the Forum Frank.
  14. bmcl6

    Hi all

    Welcome to the forum Rob
  15. bmcl6

    Hi all

    Welcome to the Forum Ian, I have the same model 2013.