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  1. bmcl6

    Steve R

    Steve, Yes, it is just a case of getting used to it. You have the same engine as mine 2.2d I must admit when I started looking for an XF I was not aware that it came in 2.2d I had been test driving 3.0 v6s and saw the one I bought in the corner. Yes it has a slower top speed, yes it is lower 0-60mph but I lost interest in both of these when I retired and had to pay for the fuel myself. I have driven Jaguars since the late 60s 3.8mk2, XJ (although being Police Models they did not enjoy the usual Jaguar Trim) but this is only the second one I have owned, I had an X-type 2.5 v6 prior to A Volvo XC90 and now back to Jaguar. I find the 2.2d is perfectly capable for me and it is a Portfolio so it has the trim level and Toys I want for comfort. Very impressed so far. Many miles of Happy Motoring. Bill
  2. bmcl6

    Steve R

    Steve, Yes it stops in drive, I have found that if say arriving at a roundabout that you have to stop to allow light traffic to pass if you slightly reduce the pressure on the brake pedal so that it is "just" holding the vehicle it won't stop the engine, on the other hand, if you do this when you stop and realise that you will be stationary for a bit longer just apply more pressure to the bake and the eco stop cuts the engine. It starts up again as soon as you start to release the brake. if you are stopped and the engine stops if you apply the handbrake and release the footbrake the engine will start up again. If I find I am going to be held up for a while I select Neutral then apply the handbrake before releasing the footbrake and the engine remains off, as soon as you select drive and touch the accelerator it starts and releases the handbrake. The system will start the engine again when it detects the cabin is cooling or heating so that the Climate control can work, and will also start up again if it detects the electrics are draining the battery too much. When you pull up at the end of a journey the engine stops when you brake to a halt, if you release your seatbelt with the footbrake still pressed it will switch off the ignition and move the selector to park without any interaction from you. I was never a fan of this Stop/Start technology but my only previous experience was on a hired VW Golf and the system in it was not nearly so sophisticated if stopped at every opportunity and was so annoying that the first thing I did when I got into the car was press the off button. I have become quite impressed with the Start/Stop in the XF after only having it five weeks, the first three of which I thought it was not working, but that was when we had hot weather and the AC was working hard. When the weather cooled a bit it started to work and I can really see an advantage in fuel consumption. Bill
  3. bmcl6

    Back in a jag

    Welcome Stuart, i have only had my XF 2.2d Portfolio for jus over a month and totally agree with you. I used to have an x Type 2.5 v6 AWD and loved it but been blown away by the XF so far. Many happy miles motoring. Bill
  4. bmcl6

    Steve R

    Probably the best thing to do is have it checked. Mine has been working now quite a bit recently but did not work at all today as the weather was a bit warmer and AC running it will be interesting to see if there is a fault. Bill
  5. bmcl6

    Steve R

    Steve, Just a quick note, as I said I have only had the XF for just over a month and Stop/Start only worked one day (when the outside temperature dropped and AC was not working so hard) since then nothing. Last night, as an experiment I left the AC on but turned the fan down to a very low-speed and hey presto, next roundabout I came to I had to stop for traffic and the Engine stopped with Green Eco light illuminated and started again as I released the footbrake. With a bit of experimentation, I found that if I feathered the footbrake really lightly I could come to a standstill without triggering an engine stop and similarly if when stopped with the engine stopped, I could instigate the engine start by slightly releasing the footbrake but not enough to let the car move. Seems to be quite a sophisticated intelligent system. although not a fan of Stop/Start my only previous experience of it was a hire VW Golf which was horrendous it stopped and started everytime irrespective of whether the engine was warm or cold or whatever load was on the electrics. I got to the stage with it that I pressed the Eco Off button every time I got into the car. I have not been tempted to do this with the XF so far. Bill
  6. bmcl6

    Steve R

    Steve, I got it the morning after i picked up the car but have driven quite a bit since then. The car was off the road for about eight weeks before i got it and as i have not had this message again i put it down to the battery having been a bit llow. The XF will automatically shut done systems like the radio ect after about 10 mins if you switch it on without the engine running, this is to save the battery from being discharged. I would try giving it a good run andvsee bif thst cures it. Failing that might be worth getting the battery checked out. If yoursbis the same as mine (mine is a 2013) it will have two batteries in the boot (the smaller one is for the Eco Stop/Start. Bill
  7. bmcl6

    Steve R

    Hi Steve, Welcome, you will find that the eco mode does not work if your battery is low or there is any appreciable load on the system like air con working briskly to cool the vehicle, I am new on here as well only had my 2.2d Portfolio for just overr four weeks. Eco has only worked one day in that time and that was at the end of a fairly long motorway jouney wher the batteries got a good charge and the air con had cooled the interior and the fan was very loiw. Bill
  8. bmcl6

    Recommended independent garages

    Prestige Jaguar/Land Rover 6, Greenhill Business Park, Greenhill Rd, Paisley PA3 1RQ 5 Star review.
  9. bmcl6

    Jaguar VIN decoder

    Does not work, my vehicle is MY13 XF 2.2d Portfolio but comes up as X Type 4.0 manufactured in 2013 !!! Bill
  10. bmcl6

    Just Joined

    Just Picked up my 2nd Jag, previously had a 2.5 v6 X-Type Sport and had many happy miles in it, replaced it with a Volvo XC90 and picked up a MY13 2.2d XF Portfolio on Wednesday and very happy with it so.