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  1. bmcl6

    Pick up our XF on Friday

    Welcome to the Forum, Ken I am sure you will love the car as much as I love mine, only had it three months but still brings a smile to my face every time I drive it.
  2. bmcl6

    Newbie in Norfolk

    Welcome to the Forum Ian.
  3. Welcome to the Forum, Lovely looking Car.
  4. bmcl6

    I have made it!

    Welcome to the Forum.
  5. Welcome to the Forum Seamus. a great source of Help and advice.
  6. bmcl6

    Newbie here

    Welcome to the forum Steve, a great source of help and advice, like Peter I used to own (a few cars back) a 2.5 v6 Petrol AWD Auto X-Type which gave me great service.
  7. bmcl6

    Hello From Durham

    Welcome to the forum Paul, a great source of help and advice.
  8. bmcl6

    New to the Fold

    Welcome to the forum Adam, this is a great source of help and info.
  9. bmcl6

    2.2D mpg

    Matt, Certainly not too shabby Mat I used to have a 2.5v6 AWD X-Type (a couple of cars back) it used to return around 23mpg.
  10. bmcl6

    2.2D mpg

    Matt, I have the same model as yourself First Registered Dec 2102 MY 2013 2.2d Portfolio, I have only had it 9 weeks and live in a small town so have not had a lot of City driving but have been in the Centre of Edinburgh a couple of times. Just generally knocking about locally I am getting the mid to high 40s, I have had one Motorway run of around 85 miles with cc set at 72mph and it returned 59.9mph, calculating the fuel used to the mileage travelled it works out at an average of around 47mpg, which is a massive boost from my previous wheels (Volvo XC90)
  11. bmcl6

    AN XF Sportbrake Newbie.

    Paul Mine is fitted with it and the Jaguar system is much most intelligent than most I have experienced previously. In fact on holiday in Italy in June we had a brand new VW Golf hire car and I hated it so much that after the first day the first thing I reached for was of off button. I have only had my XF just over 8 weeks and when I got it never worked, I later learned, when the weather cooled that it measures electrical demand and climate control demand and does not turn off the engine when demand is high on either of these. You can also "feather" the footbrake as you come to a halt so that it just holds the car, say at a roundabout or another situation where you can see you are only having to stop momentarily and this prevents it from stopping the engine as well. Other means of controlling it is by using the gear selection paddles which changes the driving mode to manual has the same effect. Also on the approach to a roundabout, I pull both paddles simultaneously which also changes to manual mode but selects the most appropriate gear, this also prevents it switching off the engine. As you accelerate away in manual a pull of two seconds on the up paddle changes back to automatic mode. When you come to the end of your drive brake to a halt, apply the parking brake and release your seatbelt before taking your foot off the footbrake and the system will shut down the car and move your gear selector to park without you touching anything else. Must admit I am now a convert to Start/Stop (at least in the Jaguar) I can't complain about the economy.
  12. bmcl6


    Welcome, Stuart. Nic looking cat.
  13. bmcl6

    New XF Sportbrake owner

    Welcome to the Forum Don't know one in Edinburgh and probably a bit far but his one comes highly recommended
  14. bmcl6

    AN XF Sportbrake Newbie.

    Welcome to the Forum Paul ECO Start/Stop
  15. bmcl6

    Winter is around the corner

    I used to have a 2.5 v6 X-Type and the AWD system coped very well with heavy snow over the winters we had while I owned it, It was replaced by a Nissen XTrail which, while also coping with the snow did not have the comfort of the X-Type, I remember one particular night in the X-Type approaching the hill up to our street in heavy falling snow coming across a queue of around five cars that had attempted and failed to climb the hill. I was approached by the driver of a small FWD car who actually started laughing when I pulled out to overtake him and still remember the expression on his face in my rearview mirror as I disappeared from him on my way slowly but steadily up the hill. The Xtrail was replaced by a Volvo XC90 and it was tremendous in the snow. I am now happy to be back with Jaguar with an XF and am not too concerned as over the fifteen years of 4x4 ownership, in reality, I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I really needed it.