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  1. Welcome to the Club, Jason. Jaguars get into your blood. I am on my third.
  2. Welcome to the Club, Andy Many happy miles with your new car. I have had two X-Types and both were very reliable cars, you will find plenty of help and advice on here.
  3. Welcome to the Club, Terry. Hope you enjoy your X-type I have previously had two and both were great reliable cars.
  4. Welcome to the Club, Brian.
  5. Welcome to the Club, Darren.
  6. Welcome to the Club, Neil
  7. Welcome to the Club, Adam. Previously owned a X-type 2.5 v6 AWD and loved it. Many happy miles in your great looking car.
  8. Joe, As Peter advised, I updated my XF when I got it but it has a different system and has a hard drive which cost a bit more than the type you will have. My only previous Jags were X-Types and neither of the two had Sat-Nav. Regards Bill
  9. Welcome to the Club, Joe. Nice Car
  10. Welcome to the Club, Tom. Many happy miles in our XKRS.
  11. Welcome to the Club, Vincent.