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  1. I also have a MY13 2.2d XF which i acquired about 18 months ago. When I got it the Stop/Start worked fine but a few months ago it stopped working. I have Ctek smart battery charger which on connecting to the Main Battery advised that it was either "heavily Sulphated", "could not be charged" or "could not hold a charge". The car was performing fine and started ok but as the battery was obviously the problem with Stop/Start. I ordered an Exide Replacement Battery from Tayna Batteries on line for £136 which was delivered next day, I fitted it and Stop/Start has worked flawlessly ever since.
  2. I have a MY13 Portfolio, it has DAB and Bluetooth streaming from my Phone.
  3. Welcome to The Club, Ray.
  4. Welcome to the Club, Mark. I have had two previous X-Types both were great reliable cars.
  5. Welcome to the Club, Karl.
  6. Welcome to the Club, Jim.