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  1. Welcome to the Club, Vincent.
  2. Welcome to the Club John, Nice looking car.
  3. Pete, I updated mine last year when I bought the car, I think I paid around £80 for it on a website (SatNavShop). It arrived not on an SD Card but on a USB Memory stick and the supplier also provided a CODE to enter when updating (This is tied to the Vin Number of the Car). The update took about 2hrs 30mins but works flawlessly. Sounds like you have been unlucky. I think 2018 is still the most up to date you can get.
  4. Welcome to the Club, John
  5. I think that would run to quite a list with the XF John, only had mine a year although I did have an X-Type years ago. I found this and many more things on this forum there are a lot of guys with extensive knowledge of the car on here.
  6. Kevin, Welcome o the club, nice looking S-Type you have there.
  7. Ian & Lynette, Many happy miles in our X-Type I had two of these previously both 2.5 V6 AWD great cars and both very reliable. Now have a 2.2d XF and love it.
  8. The XF has a 4kw Electric Heater that kicks in after two minutes to give you heat and put a load on the engine so that it warms up quicker.
  9. Welcome to the Club, James Nice looking car.
  10. Welcome to the Club Dave, hopefully, someone on here will be able to answer your query.
  11. Welcome to the Club Paul, good luck with the search.
  12. Welcome Steve, I previously had a 2.5 v6 X-Type and it was a very good reliable car only part (other than consumables) require in 6 years was ABS Sensor.
  13. Welcome to the club, Howard. I have fond memories of my last Jag 2.5 V6 AWD X-Type. Had it six years and except for regular service items, the only additional cost was an ABS wheel sensor.