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  1. bmcl6

    New Member from South West

    Welcome to the Club, Sean.
  2. bmcl6

    New Member

    Welcome to the Club, Ewan. Nice looking car.
  3. bmcl6

    New from Lancashire

    Welcome to the Club, David. Nice looking car.
  4. bmcl6

    New member

    That feeling does not go away Paul, got mine about 8 months ago and still loving it.
  5. Welcome to the Club, Sean. I Don't know about the latest model, mine is 2013 so it is an X250, not the current x260 model but mine has a Hard Drive for the Satnav. It also has the ability to RIP 10 Cds onto it plus has a USB port which can contain as many CDs as you can fit on the memory stick used. I would have thought that the newer models would have at least this level if not more.
  6. bmcl6


    Welcome to the Club, Ty.
  7. bmcl6

    New member

    Welcome to the Club, Paul. Many happy miles in your XF.
  8. bmcl6

    New Year's Resolutions

    Nice piece of welding. I make the same New Year Resolution every year. NO NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS!
  9. bmcl6

    X type engine warning light

    Welcome to the Forum, I had a 2.5 v6 AWD X-Type some years back, I intermittently had the Engine Warning Light come on and stay on. The Garage I bought it from checked it and deleted the light a few times but after a month it kept coming back on, they had an Auto Electrician have a look at it and he traced it to a Faulty ABS Sensor. Apparently these Sensors faults were regular on the X-type although in the five years I had mine this was the only issue I ever had with the car.
  10. bmcl6

    Mpg Full Tank

    I am fortunate that I very seldom have to drive in Lage Town/Cities as I Live in a small town in the Country.
  11. bmcl6

    Just saying hi

    Welcome back.
  12. bmcl6

    Mpg Full Tank

    Hi Buckley, I have had mine for just over six months now and although not really too bothered with MPG I am pleased to say that it is much more frugal on fuel than my last wheels (Volvo 2.4d XC90). The Volvo used to return around 29-30mpg running local and 33mph on a long trip. I am getting mid to high 40s just round about locally and just over 59mpg on long Motorway Trips (of which I have had two, One from Scotland to York & the Other Scotland to Shropshire), not to mention the XF is £380 per year cheaper on VED as well. Hope you like yours as much as I like mine.
  13. bmcl6

    New member

    Welcome to the Forum, Lenny.
  14. bmcl6

    New member

    Welcome to the Forum, Gareth. I also had an X-Type several years ago and now pleased to be back in the Jaguar.
  15. bmcl6

    new member

    Feel your pain, Ray. Not the sort of thing you want over Christmas especially.