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XE 2018 Ingenium - BEEP-BEEP on UNLOCK


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Hi, First post,

I've had an issue with my 2018 XE from new which Jaguar retailers and head office cannot seem to resolve.

Everything works fine- stop/start even works currently but usually stops after a few months.


The key issue is a BEEP-BEEP on UNLOCK, there seems to be no pattern, suddenly the car will start doing it. It doesn't appear to be a battery issue - the battery link cable, housing the management box etc, has been replaced. It also started doing it again yesterday after a good long high speed 80 mile run.

Same issue from new and now 12 months in I still can't get a fix.

This video demonstrates the issue:


Has anyone seen anything like this, offer any advice on how to resolve?

Many thanks;

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From another forum:

"If the security systems detect a fault with one of the security sensors, 2 error tones will sound from the alarm after the vehicle is unlocked and disarmed"

It goes on to suggest that if you disconnect and reconnect the battery it resets the system and the beep disappears 🙂 

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