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Hello from south Blackheath (close to where the London Marathon starts)

Had several Jags over the years: Mk 1, Mk VIIM, two Mk IX (second with an ex-420G 4.2L lump) stalled waiting for renovation completion), currently a Owen Sedanca (XJ6 series 1 chassis just completing re-trimming).  And have had three XJ8s in the interim.  I like them, what a lot of motor you get for very little money...

I'm a refugee from the JEC that's having major log-in and member verification difficulties at the moment -- I think they've been hacked in the past and so rightly have updated their login software to something more secure.  Still using an old PC here with WinXP service pack 3 32bit.  It's been said that my OS isn't good enough for the new JEC software.  So, time to move on 🤣

Shame really as they have lots of good meets organised -- will miss the tech support there from very knowledgable folks...

Here's my previous Mk IX after completion -- '59MY "Kerry".  Regret selling it now, only 53k verified miles.  Bests to all from this newbie


At Ascot NSF.JPG

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Hi Richard....welcome to the Club

Sorry for the late response, been away from the computer for a while.
You certainly have a superb mk9 there.
I once restored the major mechanical units for one once....superb engineering of the day and carried through for many years to come.

Good to have you onboard and hopefully you'll find our forum software platform easy to use....any issues then just let us know and we'll endeavour to assist where we can.

Cheers,  Trevor

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