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I recently acquired an X-type 2.2DTCI Auto. Done 223K miles. Had a new gearbox 75k ago now  playing up a little bit as follows. Only occasionally and in the first 2 miles on a cold start. "When stationary, foot on brake, and at tickover the gearbox engages"  Otherwise absolutely perfect. I am considering changing the oil. Any comments please?

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Hi Graham.

Welcome to the Club.

The auto gearbox is a Aisin Warner.

I had the fluid changed on mine in July 2014 at Mackie Auto Transmissions in Glasgow and cost £154 pounds and i'm thinking of having it changed again this coming July.

They connect a Hot Flushing Machine to change the fluid and some owner's have also had a software upgrade at the same time as i'm led to believe.There is no filter to change as this can only be done if the gearbox is stripped down for a repair.

The engine oil you should use is a Low Ash C1 Oil the number is WSS M2C 934 B and this number is not mentioned in the Handbook. And also use good quality filters, it is recommended to use a Delphi or Bosch diesel filter.

Regards Tom.


Regards Tom.

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