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2.2 Auto - Limp Mode/Gearbox Fault


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Just picked up a 2008, 2.2 Auto Estate. Fantastic drive, however, every now and then, with no consistency, it trips into limp mode, glow plug light flashing with gearbox fault illuminated in the message window.

Pull over, turn off the ignition resets everything, however, it can trip out again, with no warning, i.e. sometimes as I crest a hill and back off the throttle or even when pressing the accelerator gently to pull out on the motorway.

Can't see anything mechanical - and no error codes show on the OBD scanner.

Any pointers?

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Presumably it’s the 2.2 diesel auto? If so, I had this problem - would come completely out of the blue exactly as you’ve described. It went away after a service and then reoccurred a few months later. Try some diesel fuel additive every few fill ups - the problem has never reoccurred since I started doing this. 

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I use Premium Diesel most of the time and in 6 years have never had a limp/mode problem, as some members say either give it an Italian tune or drive it as if you had stolen it.

The engine oil you should use is a Low Ash C1 Oil and the number is WSS M2C 934B Jaguar/Ford and this number is not mentioned in the Handbook.

Also use good quality filters , for diesel use a Delphi or Bosch.

If you have a Regeneration of the Diesel Particle Filter, you should notice the revs will be higher by about 150 when the engine is idling and you should not switch off the engine and keep on driving until the Revs are back to normal idling Revs, in 6 years I've only had to carry on driving about 3 or 4 times and you also might notice a burning smell because the exhaust will be extremely hot and it is recommended not to park on flammable material (ie long grass or straw which could go on fire because of the extremely hot exhaust) and the exhaust could be noisier that usual as if there's a hole in it.

The annoying thing is that you never know when a Regeneration will take place, you could have travelled some 200 or 300 miles one day and on the next day when you are only travelling 20 miles you'll get a Regeneration of the Diesel Particle Filter.The 6 speed auto gearbox is a Aisin Warner, and to change the fluid it is recommended to connect a hot flushing machine to get the fluid changed. I had mine done in July 2014 at Mackies Auto Transmissions in Glasgow and cost £154 pounds and I'm thinking of having it changed again in July.

Regards Tom.

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Hi There FS I have just had the same problem with my 2009 one week after buying her now heres what you need to do

1, go to a garage and ask them to do a diagnostics check " this will give you some error codes to work with"

2, Take said codes to your garage and they should know what to do

this is exactly the problem i had and now its fixed although my problem was the Turbo and as it kicked in it took the engine into limp mode, pull over, restart and its fine again. what happens is it tells the computer there is a problem with the car but doesn't know what the problem is hence ( gearbox fault ) and by going into limp mode it is protecting the engine and its parts.

turbo fix could cost anything from £95 to £250 to £750 for a full rebuild

Mine cost £700 including a full service " but i do have a very good mechanic" 

I hope this helps as it took me a while to work this one out


Neal ( who is not a mechanic )

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Thanks for all of the responses.

Took a while to look through the pages on the forum and this snag comes up quite a lot, with varying resolutions.

Yesterday I took a look under the bonnet. Checked for anything broken/split etc.

Removed the clip on the turbo actuator arm and lo and behold the movement is a little notchy. Clip refitted and the actuator end has been well and truly "coppaslipped".

Couldn't see the turbo end in detail - in the aviation industry we have a product called "Mouse Milk", which is used to free off and lubricate turbo actuators etc on large piston engines. Might give that a whirl (if I remember to ask the storeman!).

I'm going to run it with branded diesel (Shell/BP) as opposed to Tesco's/Sainsburys.

When I fill up tomorrow morning, I shall add some of this stuff.


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