X type fault possible temperature problem

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Hello Forum

Yesterday here in Bulgaria we had 33 deg C.  Jaguar X Type 2.0 Turbo diesel air con tripped 3 times.  Reset by switching off ignition then restarting.

Next engine management light on .

This morning when cold management light off and car back to normal.


Any ideas except a/c tripping on high pressure perhaps.  Fans by radiator working ok.

2006 model.


Regards. Alan

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Hi Alan....welcome to the Forum

It could possibly be the Air Con fans not working (e.g. seized) and the system kicking out because of it.

Alternatively, it could be the a/c system relay.
Had that happen on my Honda CR-V with the a/c relay which then tripped out and also put on the Engine Management lamp.
Managed to get a new replacement relay from eBay for about £3 and reset the system which cured it.

Let us know what you find 

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I know fans working and car ran normal next day after engine management reset during the night when it cooled down. Can suspect a sensor fault or maybe a/c has too much gas. 

Thanks for reply.


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