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I am now entering my fifth year of S type ownership and despite a couple of frights with problems that turned out to be 90% battery orientated ,there is still bubbling on the off-side rear quarter but it is no worse than it was when bought ,I had a brake sensor go down and whilst the car was up in the air I had a good look around and was relieved that at some time it had been sprayed with Dinatrol,or similar ,there was a little superficial rust ,gave that a blitz with dilute Waxoil ,two weeks later sailed through its MOT with NO advisories ,thats a first. Few jobs to do including wheel refurb ,no kerbing just corrosion under the laquer ,I fancy having them redone in Black Chrome.Windscreen drives me potty , I only hope a new one solves the problem. There are also a few dash lights kaput ,I have to carry a torch to read the DIC as any messages are unreadable,at least by me. Lessons learned,trust no one either main dealer or Independent , I persuaded a young lad to do my service this year ,I had intended to do it myself as money was scarce ,but arthritis said no .After the service had been completed ,including a new set of plugs ,I remember paying just over a pound a piece for good plugs,now they are about 7 quid a shot. The lad told me to have a look at the air filter ,it was choked ,and had done less than 2000 miles since a major expensive service . Engine much improved . memo check as much as possible after paying for all future services.


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