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  1. I am now entering my fifth year of S type ownership and despite a couple of frights with problems that turned out to be 90% battery orientated ,there is still bubbling on the off-side rear quarter but it is no worse than it was when bought ,I had a brake sensor go down and whilst the car was up in the air I had a good look around and was relieved that at some time it had been sprayed with Dinatrol,or similar ,there was a little superficial rust ,gave that a blitz with dilute Waxoil ,two weeks later sailed through its MOT with NO advisories ,thats a first. Few jobs to do including wheel refurb ,no kerbing just corrosion under the laquer ,I fancy having them redone in Black Chrome.Windscreen drives me potty , I only hope a new one solves the problem. There are also a few dash lights kaput ,I have to carry a torch to read the DIC as any messages are unreadable,at least by me. Lessons learned,trust no one either main dealer or Independent , I persuaded a young lad to do my service this year ,I had intended to do it myself as money was scarce ,but arthritis said no .After the service had been completed ,including a new set of plugs ,I remember paying just over a pound a piece for good plugs,now they are about 7 quid a shot. The lad told me to have a look at the air filter ,it was choked ,and had done less than 2000 miles since a major expensive service . Engine much improved . memo check as much as possible after paying for all future services.
  2. Can I put my 'alf penneth in ? . Last year I inherited a 2.7 Liter Diesel Jeep ,when cold it sounded like a bag of spanners and apparently that was usual. I read an american article about using two stroke oil as an additive for diesel ,as I was of to the north of scotland I tried giving it a dose ,about 70ml to a tank full of diesel . The difference was amazing ,all the noise disappears and the engine ran far smoother. I continued dosing it now and then until I sold it ,the new keeper did as well and as far as I know is still running well.
  3. So I am not the only one that finds the heating elements intrusive , if I need to replace I think I too would go non heated,in three years I have yet to use it. mike
  4. Hi folks,trust you are all wrapped up for the bank holiday? I watched a video (american) about buying an S type ,when the ignition was turned on the drivers information panel and radio and A/c panels were back lit green,now mine are not back lit at all ! I have cursed this fact over the last three years but put up with it. In fairness after a life time of night driving ,I avoid it these days, so it has not been a great problem.It would be nice to correct it if possible ,I will eventually have to pass the car on or sell it ,so I would like it fixed . My question is can the lights be fixed? Regards Mike
  5. There you go ,just proves history has its uses. lol
  6. Sorry but I think the method I described is a tad faster.
  7. If you take off the mirror casing ,it only clips on, you will be met with a lump of white corrosion. Tie a towel or something on to the mirror to protect your paintwork then liberally spray Plus gas , leave to soak ,when eventually the mirror starts to move freely , apply chain grease. Both of mine are due this treatment again ,lasted two years before getting sticky. Mike
  8. For what its worth ,in my experience over the last few years everything is asymmetric.
  9. Thanks both, Although I have not used a pressure washer in this case,I do have the habit of rinsing the wheels with a bucket of water , cleaning the abs sensors will have to be the next job I think ,then give all the wires a smear of WD 40 grease (Liberated from Concorde ) In truth I have been looking for excuses NOT to take the wheels off,but needs must. I used to enjoy whipping the wheels off and on but no more I am afraid. Mike
  10. Could anyone tell me if there is anyway that moisture could trip the abs and associate services warning lights. Since fitting a new battery everything has been fine,then I washed the car ,since then the warning lights have come on randomly, the battery shows 12.6 volts. This morning all was well on start up,drove about three miles and as I stopped the lights came on, drove off and the lights went out after a few yards ,reversed unto a drive and lights back on. Battery reset and all out except EML . Mike
  11. Believe it or not,a clap of thunder moved something on the shelf that moved the jack,still on the shelf but east west now. Mike
  12. Thanks for the comments , the last screen I had replaced was when a trolley jack rolled of a shelf and almost went right through . Mike