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  1. There you go ,just proves history has its uses. lol
  2. Sorry but I think the method I described is a tad faster.
  3. If you take off the mirror casing ,it only clips on, you will be met with a lump of white corrosion. Tie a towel or something on to the mirror to protect your paintwork then liberally spray Plus gas , leave to soak ,when eventually the mirror starts to move freely , apply chain grease. Both of mine are due this treatment again ,lasted two years before getting sticky. Mike
  4. For what its worth ,in my experience over the last few years everything is asymmetric.
  5. Thanks both, Although I have not used a pressure washer in this case,I do have the habit of rinsing the wheels with a bucket of water , cleaning the abs sensors will have to be the next job I think ,then give all the wires a smear of WD 40 grease (Liberated from Concorde ) In truth I have been looking for excuses NOT to take the wheels off,but needs must. I used to enjoy whipping the wheels off and on but no more I am afraid. Mike
  6. Could anyone tell me if there is anyway that moisture could trip the abs and associate services warning lights. Since fitting a new battery everything has been fine,then I washed the car ,since then the warning lights have come on randomly, the battery shows 12.6 volts. This morning all was well on start up,drove about three miles and as I stopped the lights came on, drove off and the lights went out after a few yards ,reversed unto a drive and lights back on. Battery reset and all out except EML . Mike
  7. Believe it or not,a clap of thunder moved something on the shelf that moved the jack,still on the shelf but east west now. Mike
  8. Thanks for the comments , the last screen I had replaced was when a trolley jack rolled of a shelf and almost went right through . Mike
  9. Good grief, I have been deleted ,The missing word rhymes with bag ,.lol Mike
  10. Mine is as if there is a light mist, or a coating of !Removed! residue , in sunshine every wire is visible. I will have a look for markings tomorrow . Mike
  11. I am reaching the point of having the heated front screen removed and replaced with a non heated one, the heating elements are driving me cuckoo , I dont like the constant greying of the screen or looking through the elements when the sun shines. I wonder if my screen is a cheap replacement or is every one the same. Mike
  12. I dont think I do enough after dark driving to warrant HId ,so I will give the ring 150s a go ,is it worth doing main beam as well? If only LED was up to speed and legal,I recently changed my security light to LED ,what a difference..
  13. I thought the HID presented problems ,please let me know how you get on.
  14. A couple of years ago I was considering changing my headlight bulbs ,time has gone bye and the car has not been used a lot ,now having reduced the stable down to one The S type is being used daily ,to-night I had to go out and realised how poor the headlight are ,so what has everyone else gone for? I presume technology has moved forward over the last few years. Has it or we still stuck with candle power in single figures?
  15. HaHa let me know how you get on .