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Hello from Spain


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Hi there,

Hello everyone!

I live in Spain in a mountainous area (no, not the coast!) with some VERY steep, windy (i.e. lots of curves, not fast air!!) empty roads.

Bought a 3.0 V6 petrol 2000 S Type with one owner and 60k on the clock!  I reckon he just used it to take the wife to church every Sunday.  On purchase, the interior (cream) and body (BRG) were like new but the engine was hesitant and the brakes vibrated (rusty discs).  I did an Italian tune-up with some petrol treatment (Wynns, STP etc), opening her up to 5k RPM/140km/h to blow the cobwebs away.  She runs beautifully now except for hesitation at almost exactly 1,800 RPM (any ideas? - feels a bit like an auto changing gear but it is a 5speed manual).  Brakes much better but will replace discs and pads soon.

The car is an absolute delight to drive, beautiful steering response, gearbox sublime, sticks to the road like glue (have to continuously watch the speedo as she says to me 'go-on, Max, you can go faster than this!!').  Jag/Ford did an absolutely wonderful job on this model.  Engine compartment clean as the day she was born.  On the motorway I get around 30MPG which I reckon is OK at 140km/hr (that's just about keeping up with Spanish motorway traffic).  Capacious boot.

Some lovely little touches  - if you hold down the button on the key fob then the windows and sunroof open to let the heat out before you get in.  Boot opens remotely as well.  I won't be selling her for a while 😍.


Would appreciate some comments regarding the missing at 1,800RPM.




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Hi Max....welcome to the Forum

From my (poor) memory I seem to recall a post with similar symptoms in the dim and distance past....maybe worth searching the site with a few combinations of words, phrases to see what you come up with.

Good to have you onboard

Cheers .  Trevor

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