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Limp mode, but no lights?

Ian Duxbury

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Hoping you guys can help with a pressing problem.........

On first starting up recently and on an almost daily basis since, my car (2.2D 2005 model) went into what felt like limp mode, but no lights were showing on the dashboard. Stopping and switching off, then restarting appeared to clear the problem and it didn't happen again for the remainder of the day.  I wondered if there were anyone out there who's had the same happen or if anyone has any suggestions as to the potential cause?  Someone on another of the forums suggested that it could be a sticking EGR valve, which would cause power loss, but not show any lights, and suggested cleaning the valve may offer a solution.

Well, having now removed and cleaned the EGR valve, I've discovered two things:

1. It's been blanked off
2.Cleaning hasn't made any difference.

However, something strange has been happening today, where the temperature gauge suddenly jumps up to max and the fans then come on, even though I may only have been driving for a few minutes or so.
Switch off, but the fans continue, and only by switching the ignition on and off a couple of times does the temp needle drop back to a more normal reading and the fans switch off.

The apparent limp mode also resets by switching off and back on again, but I've noticed that I have to do this more frequently as the ambient temperature has fallen.

Could these be related, or just purely coincidental?

Should be said that I had to drive down to London this week with work, and according to the trip computer, was getting 55+mpg.

Any more ideas, guys?

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Hi Ian

Two things come to mind

Battery voltage: check the battery condition and replace if necessary as this can affect the electronics 

Turbo variable vanes sticking: turbo needs some cleaner running through it and an italian tuneup usually cures it

Either way, a scan of the fault code memory should reveal something to go on 

Let us know what you find


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Now awaiting arrival of a new EGR valve and will see if this makes the difference.

Turbo vanes already checked, turbo cleaner  (Wynns) run through and italian tune up performed 🙂

Only fault code stored showed 'Engine Cylinder head temperature sensor voltage out of self-test range' - I did change this recently, but have ordered another replacement just in case that one may have gone rogue!

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