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glow plug relay location X260 (XF)


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HI All,

Still having issues with the glow plugs on my 2016 XF 2.0D.

Have removed all 4 of the glow plugs and tested them on a 12v supply all are working, but the engine still miss fires for a few seconds when really cold.

I suspect that the glow plug relay might be suspect, only problem is i cant fid it!! can anyone help with the location?



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On 12/5/2019 at 8:42 PM, chippy17 said:

Hi All

Have found glow plug relay now!

Sited O/S chasis rail behind radiator.

oblong unit about 3 inches long, aluminium heat sink with two large conectors.

Did you sort your problem?

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HI AussieScot, did you locate the relay? My x260 also 2016 3.0D started taking a bit longer to start last couple of weeks. Have received and cleared the error code 'P052F' (Glow plug control module - voltage malfunction) a couple of times. If any1 can spare me some time with the location and part number that would be appreciated!

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Thanks Thorleif, looks similar relative location as the image I posted. Had another look and pretty sure I have located it. The image I posted is correct, but its directly under the drivers side air box/filter, you can see the edge of it under the airbox and between the airbox and driver's side front wing. From underneath it sits between the right side radiator and the wheel arch liner you can see it through the front slots in the wheel arch liner or from under as seen below in the second picture.


Seems a bit of a stupid place to put this, given how small it is and how much space available in the engine bay.


So to access & replace its either - Remove the right/drivers side air box/filter housing or Remove the wheel and wheel arch liner.


Pics below top down, its 


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In case it helps any1 else. in an x260 3v6D The Glow plug control module sits under the right side airbox housing. The picture below shows the module after removing the airbox. That pipe makes it unlikely for the module to be removed up through the engine bay, i tried but just not enough wiggle room. I think its best to remove the airbox, unscrew the module, unplug the cables and drop it to the ground at the wheel arch liner. Then reverse to fit now module.


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