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Hi all, just had a strange thing happen to me on the way home from work so thought I would ask the question to the experts, yep you lot.

Had my lights on and was driving about 55mph when I noticed the speedo arm was flickering. Its an 2.2d xf on a 12 plate but never noticed it before and wondered if any body else has had this or might k ow why it is doing it. Cant wait to find out what it could be.

Thanks. Steve xf

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Hi all, well took my car to a specialist and it turns out that the connector for the spedo arm had worked lose and sorted it out in an hour. They said it is a fault design that jaguar know about but dont wont the hassle to fix. I am sending an e mail to jaguar with all the faults I have had with my xf since I've owned it and see what response I get. I will post if I get anything back.

Steve xf

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