Hi all...Phoenix Red XK8 Owner!

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Hi all...I have just joined the forum and I have a few questions that I was hoping somebody could help with....I have a 1999 4.0 XK8 in Phoenix Red ( pics attached )....It is a standard car apart from having a 'Quick Silver' full exhaust system ( which by the way, sounds AMAZING! )...I am not sure of how much extra power is produced ( perhaps someone out there can answer that? )...Anyway, I love the drive of my XK8...I think its an awesome machine, especially considering how little I paid for it.....however, Its not perfect....I think it could be better....I was thinking along the lines of lowered / sports suspension, poly bushing and fitting larger anti-roll bars.....in addition, bigger discs and calipers.....I also wondered if there was a larger throttle upgrade / performance air intake kit for more power..I also like the look of 20'' split rims...but do they significantly blunt acceleration compared to 18'' wheels?...And then I think is it just easier/ cheaper to buy an XKR instead?....I accept that an XKR is much quicker, but do they handle a lot better than an XK8?...


I actually own 2 XK8's...The blue one is a 1997 car which I purchased about a week ago...I got it cheaply but it needs work....My other idea was to keep the red one standard and modify the blue one...I was even thinking about replacing the interior with some lightweight seats and fitting a roll cage..If I did I would have both the seats and roll cage trimmed in leather...I would also change the colour of the interior from its current cream leather to either red or black ....I love the look of it...I believe its 'Midnight Blue'....It has a few reasonably subtle modifications...it has a 'Supercharged' badge on the bonnet..it has 18'' 'Flute' alloys which have been painted black...there is black meshing on the headlights....it has a chrome boot plinth rather than a body coloured one....and it has the later rear lights ( which personally I think look nicer than the earlier ones)

So, there we have it....2 cars....lots of ideas...any input / information greatly appreciated 🙂






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Hi Bill....welcome to the Club

lovely to see such a beautiful Jag awaiting some love and attention, keep us updated on the progress with getting her back on the road.

Good to have you onboard

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