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So, today, I put my trusty 2.2D Auto into a local garage to have the offside front wheel bearing replaced. It had started grumbling a few weeks back, so before anymore mileage went on, thought, best get this sorted.

Picked the car up from the garage, drove the three miles home - everything seemed to be good.

30 minutes later, I'm on the phone calling the local fire brigade as there is smoke coming from under the bonnet and from beneath the car!

Smouldering put out by firemen, they stayed around to make sure it was cold - even jacked the car up so they could get access underneath. No evidence of anything combustable. Garage owner has come out and crawled around underneath - he can't see anything either, so the car is going back tomorrow to go on the ramps for a thorough looking at.

A question - could a DPF (not sure if I've even got one fitted) get that hot when regenerating, that it smoulders? I done approximately 30K over the last 14 months so it can't be through lack of use!

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Following on from this event - the local fire brigade came and hosed down the car, starting with the back of the engine/bulkhead area. Anyhow, returned the car to service following a check out at the garage which had performed the wheel bearing change. They couldn't find anything wrong.

Used the car to commute from Worcester to Selby, approx. 150 miles mainly on the motorway. Whilst driving up to Selby, the orange DPF regeneration lamp came on - twice.

I didn't give it a second thought, other than, that's never happened before in 30K of driving.

The following day, whilst driving in the local area of Selby, the Red DPF lamp came on. This would reset itself by switching the ignition off and back on, but would re-illuminate within 3-4 miles.

I drove back to Worcester, stopping periodically to reset the DPF light, however, the EML light also joined the party.

Following day, bonnet up, I discovered the EGR to Intercooler was split - this was replaced, however after clearing the EML light the DPF light would still come on.

Everything I have read at this point is saying that the DPF is either full and won't regenerate anymore or its broken!

New DPF purchased online, new DPF temperature sensor (couldn't get the old one out) and I'm ready to go. Fitted all the new shiney bits and heyho, within 4 miles the red DPF light was back on.

Disconnected the battery, reconnected and all's well - just as well - the local Jag dealer wanted the best part of £1800 plus 6 hours of labour to do what I've done with £280 and a few hours of my time.

Happy Days.... 😎

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Glad to hear you have a positive outcome after all that has happened.
Sometimes it does come down to coincidence especially after having work carried out on the car and then something goes wrong.


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