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Might return to Jags


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Hi all


Previously an owner of a 2000 Daimler Super V8 and a 2004 Jag XJ 4.2


I'm considering a change of career, and I'll be needing to buy my own car for work as I currently drive a company van. I've always been a fan of Japanese performance cars and currently have a Turbo'd Mazda MX-5 and a Subaru Impreza WRX Estate. The Subaru is the most 'sensible' car I've owned for a really long time, despite how high maintenance they are.

I've also always enjoyed having a large V8 about, and have tried a few different ones, most recently a 2000 CL500 mercedes, but I've only every found the jags to be 'special' and to have a sense of occasion about them.


Anyway. After trawling through loads of possible 'sensible' cars, I've ruled out anything BMW or Mercedes has to offer, I find Audi/VW to be totally dull, and the Japanese have nothing interesting and nice, so I keep coming back to the Jaguar XF. I'd likely be selling the mx5 and Subaru to get a fairly recent one, 2013 or newer.


How does everyone find their XF? Any particular 'must have' options? Are they a good enough drive that it'll satisfy me from buying something silly? When was Android Auto available?

Looks like the ZF 8 speed is the gearbox to have, compare to the older units? How's reliability? 2.0d, 2.0t or 3.0d?


All input welcome!





Daimler Super v8 Back.jpg

01 Jag XJ8 Driveway.jpg

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