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New owner of a 2015 XE diesel r sport and few questions


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Hello new owner but I am slightly confused the car is a 15 plate but I am told the XE are 2016 cars,

Loving the car so far the handling is great it has 41000 on the clock.

The car has xenon lights with the auto light function.

However on reading the handbook it says the car should have an auto high beam function but I can't find it in the car menu.

Is this a function the dealer can enable through software?

Also I am not sure if the car has keyless opening of the doors as I can't get that to work either. Also the mirrors dont seem to power fold in. 

I don't know if this is standard things or an option the wasn't fitted to the car.

Thanks for your help guys 




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Hello MrcGibb,

Your car spec on Topix may advise some things are fitted but are not actually there. Mine has tracker fitted according to the spec but doesn't actually have it. On the whole it is fairly accurate. Unfortunately some features only work if fitted with a "pack" that contains that feature. Mirrors are one of those items that have radar detection for overtaking traffic or someone approaching the rear. These featurs inc folding in are part of the seating memory pack. Keyless entry will be distinguished by a small indent in the door handle and again that, from memory, was part of another features pack. The 2016 model and 2015 reg is correct as the car was made for 2015 and 2016 as  model year 2016. Since then there have been several upgrades with model year changes.

This may be of help  https://www.ownerinfo.jaguar.com/model/4N/2016/document/18377_en_GBR   &  https://topix.jaguar.jlrext.com/topix/user/loginForm  (register as independant)  Some videos but search your year https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhSr9HMRx2LMAgx6VdsQuvfxR0hbbk4xT Come back with anything specific and I will try to help if you get stuck.

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