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  1. If I were you I would leave well alone as the modules are all matched one being the 380w (12 channel) and the other system being 825w (16 channel) Blue and black and black wires are to the amplifier. These units are all link to other modules and you may just bugger up your electronics fiddling with what is already a decent system. That is why dealers will not fit non JLR parts.
  2. I am assuming you mean the centre screen reboots? If so do you have your keyfob in a pocket where the button can accidentally be pressed? Is your main car battery fully charged and connections tight? I haven't heard of this before.
  3. There is a possibilty that the software has been corrupted and needs reloading. Several owners have had this issue. There will be misfires and then power loss which gradually will get worse. there is also the possibility of it being the O2 sensors causing the problem, or a faulty injector.
  4. Hello Roger. I am non the wiser about phones and what the can and cannot do. Some time back Samsung did an update of their systems (Android) and many XE owners found that they could not connect to their car anymore for Incontrol or any part of it. Then JLR blamed Samsung and vice versa, or so it was mooted. I bought a new Apple IPhone and all was well again. One thing I have noticed with it when charging is that I have to use specific leads and it will not charge from the USB port on my PC. The older Samsung phone will charge with any lead. You may have heard that the NHS Track and Trace won't work with older phones, so I wonder if that operating system worked on the old system that JLR used, whe nearly all phones worked the Incontrol. You have the same year car as me. Right, after all that prattle, I wouldn't be surprised if there is something in the 2015 system that does not connect to that part of Bluetooth in the same way that the Incontrol wouldn't connect with the old operating system of Android.
  5. Hello MrcGibb, Your car spec on Topix may advise some things are fitted but are not actually there. Mine has tracker fitted according to the spec but doesn't actually have it. On the whole it is fairly accurate. Unfortunately some features only work if fitted with a "pack" that contains that feature. Mirrors are one of those items that have radar detection for overtaking traffic or someone approaching the rear. These featurs inc folding in are part of the seating memory pack. Keyless entry will be distinguished by a small indent in the door handle and again that, from memory, was part of another features pack. The 2016 model and 2015 reg is correct as the car was made for 2015 and 2016 as model year 2016. Since then there have been several upgrades with model year changes. This may be of help & (register as independant) Some videos but search your year Come back with anything specific and I will try to help if you get stuck.
  6. There were several problems with phones not connecting correctly mainly caused by updates of Android and the fact that JLR removed interactive parts in their Incontrol APPS. It is possible that you are now having that problem from updates from both areas if you have Android. If you have Iphone there are still problems via JLR and the Incontrol apps. If you are signed up to Topix as an independant you will see many entries there regarding these issues.
  7. I found that "possibly" removing the seat back may give better access.
  8. Looking more at the image ( the manual is lax on this particular subject) It may be beyond a simple pressing down of the fitting and may need the whole cover removing which is loaded with airbag explosive. Maybe a different cover would be a better bet. Sorry if I am wrong but it is not something I would attempt with the airbag in the seat. One short and it could go off. It's up to you.
  9. Ollytron, Sorry for the delay replying. The restraints can only be released from the seat by removing the slide fitting they are in, from the seat. You will have to press don the seat covering next to the seat fitting and depress the small flat bit to release it. From what I read in the manual no special tools are required.
  10. Sorry to drag up an old post but I seem to remember someone else having a similar experience on another site and paying for it himself. A very rare occurrence I think. If you read this can you update the situation please.
  11. Tommy, I didn't notice that you were Non UK Here is what I have from the workshop manual. Published: 13-Feb-2015 2017.0 XE (X760), 417-01 Exterior Lighting Headlamp Adjustment (G1822512) GENERAL PROCEDURES 86.40.18 Headlamps - Vehicle Set - Align Beams NAS 0.10 USED WITHINS USED WITHINS close Loading... General Equipment Equipment name Headlamp beam setter Check CAUTION: Some variation in the illustrations may occur, but the essential information is always correct. NOTES: Make sure to check and adjust the tyre pressures to the correct level. Park the vehicle on a horizontally level surface. Gently rock the vehicle to make sure the suspension is settled. Make sure manual levelling switch is set to 0 position. Make sure the vehicles fuel tank is full, if not distribute extra weight evenly over the fuel tank area to represent a full tank of fuel. Align the headlamp beam setting equipment to one headlamp. General Equipment: Headlamp beam setter NOTE: The headlamp setting is 0.7 % below horizontal and parallel. Check the headlamp beam alignment. Adjustment Open the hood. NOTES: A adjusts beam aim vertically. B not adjustable. Adjust the headlamps with an Allen Key. To adjust the second headlamp, repeat the above procedure. Scanning barcode and converting to serial number...
  12. I assume you mean main beam and dipped beam? To do this you really need a beam setting machine which is not for the amateur. Go to someone like Nat Tyres and ask how much to set it all "Correctly". Failure to have the beam correct will fail any future MOT.
  13. Thewasp


    The issues you have with the brakes and wheels are common. There have been several Topix notifications on the requirements to replace under warranty and I suspect that JLR are having so many claims that they have tightened up their liabilities and put all claims under wear and tear. The wheels are also a problem but again they will say wear and tear due to stone chips and salty water ingress. The brakes issue should need a clean up and paint of the calipers and if discs are required with pads (again wear and tear) should cost around £420 for the rears and similar for the fronts. I assume the ridiculous quotes you have had are for the whole set up inc the calipers. Sadly the photos do show corrosion in such a way that it implies salt corrosion. I understand that this may not be the case and I would try Customer Services again and speak to someone there. On another forum there is also a link to JLR CS and you may find joing that forum also useful and show others there what you are experiencing. I think you may find that CS will respond after a few days. I don't think I have seen such bad corrosion.
  14. Although an old post now you could do some parts if not all yourself. I am too old and decrepit now so have to rely on my dealer. Basic service is an oil and filter change with a check over of all parts. This is listed in your online service record. You will find much of servicing is checks. Replacing the air filter is easy and the oil can be pumped out via the dipstick hole for intermediate oil changes using a Pela pump. I do mine in between recommended 2 yearly servicing. The pollen filter is a right faff of a job with the glovebox having to come out. If other things need doing such as brake fluid change, brake pad change etc that depends on your competence and agility. You could go to a trusted independant or as I have a good JLR dealer. Servicing is not cheap and you may pay anything from £260 for a minor service to £380+ for a major service. At first the oil was only available from Castrol but now other oil makers make to JLR spec, which is a bit cheaper (around £60). Be careful of servicing deals with JLR as they seem a bit over the top. Have a look also at the likes of National Tyres and exhausts for their free car check over, which will effectively cover that part of the service for you. They also do service deals if you wish to save money and not do the job yourself. Personally I prefer to have it done by a Jag trained technician with gen Jag parts as they provide a warranty with all work done. Check out your servicing data on the link I have provided and see if it is within your capabilities.
  15. Thank you both. I hope I can help XE owners.