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  1. I am not interested in the phone/radio tech but I seem to remember something about SOTA and Car Play. You may need to wait for a better reply.
  2. The front head restraints have been designed NOT to be removed and are only adjustable up and down using the button on the side. The head should be in the middle of the restraint and not the neck.
  3. It should be a side rocker switch not a full on.
  4. Sorry for the delay in replying. No you actually touch the lamp lenses, they are also buttons.
  5. You have to reset them as someone has switched them off. This link explains how. https://www.ownerinfo.jaguar.com/document/4N/2016/T19958/18377_en_GBR/proc/G1660140
  6. At present, in the last week, Topix is showing a lack of power caused by the Turbo controls. It could be that. SSM75169-XCL 19 model year AJ20 P4 is the reference.
  7. I looked into this subject in 2015 and the parameters mentioned (and in the handbook) affect it more in winter. JLR did a review and altered some computer settings to get less problems. In the end I bought a new JLR 90Ah battery which the dealer fitted and it's worked perfectly ever since. Whether they applied the update as well I don't know. I suggest charging the battery either with the under bonnet terminals or in the boot. DO NOT connect the -ve directly but to a stud in the boot floor. There is no need to remove the battery or undo it. The +ve can go directly to the +ve on the battery. A CTek or similar charger is the best type as it monitors the battery charging throughout.
  8. I have just had 6 journeys not recorded over the past week and then all of a sudden they appeared. I put it down to company car users hogging the servers and not logging out when doing their expenses. It regularly does this at the last few days of a month and the first few days. Then all is OK for another month.
  9. Hi Derek, have you tried uninstalling the app from the phone and reinstalling? Also you could try you could try an incar reset by pressing and holding the right overhead call button until the light stops flashing around 15 seconds. It may still connect to Jag rescue but tell them you are just resetting the Incontrol. From memory you have to lock the car then unlock and drive the car around 3 miles and uninstall and reinstall the app on your phone. The other thing is charge the battery and then go for a drive WITHOUT uninstalling anything. That sometimes kicks it back in. I usually wait a day or so and miraculously it all starts working again.
  10. Get them to check out the engine mounts and the exhaust rubber damper. These are known problems on some cars.
  11. Chris, This is a common fail part and sadly it seems a dealer only supply. Where in Cheshire are you? You may find part prices different depending where the JLR dealer is. I would think that it will be off the shelf rather than to order.
  12. If I were you I would leave well alone as the modules are all matched one being the 380w (12 channel) and the other system being 825w (16 channel) Blue and black and black wires are to the amplifier. These units are all link to other modules and you may just bugger up your electronics fiddling with what is already a decent system. That is why dealers will not fit non JLR parts.
  13. I am assuming you mean the centre screen reboots? If so do you have your keyfob in a pocket where the button can accidentally be pressed? Is your main car battery fully charged and connections tight? I haven't heard of this before.
  14. There is a possibilty that the software has been corrupted and needs reloading. Several owners have had this issue. There will be misfires and then power loss which gradually will get worse. there is also the possibility of it being the O2 sensors causing the problem, or a faulty injector.
  15. Hello Roger. I am non the wiser about phones and what the can and cannot do. Some time back Samsung did an update of their systems (Android) and many XE owners found that they could not connect to their car anymore for Incontrol or any part of it. Then JLR blamed Samsung and vice versa, or so it was mooted. I bought a new Apple IPhone and all was well again. One thing I have noticed with it when charging is that I have to use specific leads and it will not charge from the USB port on my PC. The older Samsung phone will charge with any lead. You may have heard that the NHS Track and Trace won't work with older phones, so I wonder if that operating system worked on the old system that JLR used, whe nearly all phones worked the Incontrol. You have the same year car as me. Right, after all that prattle, I wouldn't be surprised if there is something in the 2015 system that does not connect to that part of Bluetooth in the same way that the Incontrol wouldn't connect with the old operating system of Android.
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