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Def/add blue filling

Steve Bell

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Welcome to the Club Steve

You can top up the DEF yourself, and it can be bought from most outlets but you have to make sure it has the part number that Jaguar recommend.

The Handbook tells the average mileage per litre of DEF and a warning light should appear when fluid needs to be added, and there's also a warning that you should not Over fill the DEFluid Tank as a warning message would come up on the Dash and that means the system needs to be Drained and Refilled with New DEFluid and it could cost about £160 pounds to rectify the problem.

Don't ignore a warning about Low level off DEFluid as the Engine won't start if you run out off DEFluid. I'm sure that my XF has a 17 litre Tank so if it needed 16 litres I would only add 14 or 15 litres.

Regards Tom.


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The vehicle information menu in the message centre will tell you how far you have to go before needing DEF fluid, I wait until A low fluid warning appears on the dashboard then just add 5 litres since I have no idea how big the tank is in the XE. This will last several thousand miles.

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Ok have found an outlet that provides def to Jaguar spec. So will keep an eye on the computer service info and do my own top up, taking care not to overfill. What a faff over something that should be simple but I want to look after my XE, in fact I getting a bit OCD now.😂.

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