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New Jaguar E-Type Book

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Octane Publishing are producing a new book on the Jaguar E-Type which will go on sale in mid-November.

Screenshot 2020-10-28 at 09.28.53.png

Contents for Jag E-Type book (not exhaustive, and subject to change)

  • Peter Tomalin recreates the E-type’s 700-mile journey across Europe for the 1961 Geneva Motor Show.
  • Jaguar expert Philip Porter tells the story of the famous Autocar road test that verified the E-type's claimed top speed of 150mph, and Mark Dixon heads to Germany in an attempt to hit 150mph again all these years later.
  • Glen Waddington, Robert Coucher, and Stephen Bayley pit the E-type against two of its rivals: the Aston Martin DB5 and the Porsche 911.
  • James Page spends time with Norman Dewis, the legendary Jaguar test driver, who sadly died last year.
  • David Lillywhite tells the story of the resurrection of the Lindner Nöcker Lightweight, one of the most ambitious restoration projects ever, before Glen Waddington drives the car.
  • Tony Dron drives E2A, the missing link between the D-type and the E-type.
  • Keith Adams drives the Michelotti Jaguar Le Mans, a coach built special originally based on the D-type, but which has been resurrected with E-type parts.
  • Richard Meaden drives the factory-backed Group 44 E-type V12, which won the SCCA B Production National Championship in 1975.
  • Mark Dixon goes behind the scenes to learn about the development of the Lightweight Continuation before Glen Waddington drives the car.
  • Simon de Burton looks at the Bremont Lightweight E-type Chronometer, the watch made in collaboration with Jaguar to mark the production of the Lightweight Continuation cars.
  • Richard Heseltine drives the last E-type off the line, and Nigel Thorley meets one built 31 years after production ended – a car assembled by an enthusiast from leftover factory parts.
  • Robert Coucher drives each of the magical, modified E-types made by Eagle.
  • Glen Waddington visits Spain to put the F-type through its paces and find out if it is a worthy successor to the E-type.
  • Mark Dixon goes to Jaguar HQ to learn about the E-type Reborn project.
  • Antony Ingram drives the electric-powered E-type Zero prototype.
  • The historian and former Jaguar apprentice Graham Robson shares his memories of the development of the E-type.
  • Designers including Ian Callum, Peter Stevens, and Leonardo Fioravanti offer their thoughts on the E-type.
  • Philip Porter counts down the ten most important E-types.
  • E-type model information and buying guide.
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