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Radio backlight repair


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Here is a quick guide to repair of the radio back light. If you want to do this you must have a soldering iron (fine tip), solder flux, tweezers, solder wick and 1206 green LED & 603 470R resistors. Only replacing the LEDs will not do, the load resistors must also be replaced since they are the cause of the fault. Remove the radio and dismantle, desolder the LCD screen then with the solder tip; load with solder and push off the resistors. The LEDs are removed by cutting then removing the tags with the iron. Spread flux onto the bare contacts then place components onto the board with tweezers and resolder. Good luck.






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Justin this is Derek    derek.g.levett@hotmail.com     from Perth Australia. My 2003 S Type radio screen comes on initially, then flicks on and off for a minute or so and then goes blank. Do you think that your fix will cure this? Regards Derek.

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The modification here is solely to do with the backlight. If your radio has an additional fault then you might purchase another radio from a Jaguar parts specialist. Naturally, you will still have to fix the backlight on the replacement unit.

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