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2 Quick Q's on X-Type


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Hi all,


Hope everyones safe and well.

Couple quick q's on my 09 X-Type 2.2d


1. Past month or so a loud squeaky belt has driven me mad. What i thought was a needed Aux belt change cause of the noise, but turns out to apparantly be the Air Conditioning Pump making the noise, have confirmed this as it only squeaks when the air con light is on or when the frost light is on and outside temp is less than 5 degrees. Has anyone experience with this pump going, can the pulley be taken of it and greased or is it the internals of the pump making the noise ? And if needing changed is it handy got @.


2. WIndow washers no water. I think it is the pump itself, relay tested and fuses tested and all are fine according to mechanic. Is there anything else need check thay maybe a common fault, no noise when engaging stalk to use window washers ?


Im more concerned with the Air Con Pump to be honest, as leaving for work early in the morning is embrarassing, as the noise of it as i drive off would wake the dead, its a terrible noise.


Any help is greatly appreciated.



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