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Purchase of XK (150) 4.2 any advice please ?

Andy Miller

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I'm about to purchase a 56 reg (2007) beautiful example of this model (for which I've promised myself for so many years). 123k miles. Good service history and appears in good external/internal and mechanical condition. Is there anything specific I should look out for when test driving the car on Thursday please (ie peculiar to these models that is) ?



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Hi Andy, and welcome to the club!

Make sure that you test absolutely everything to be sure it is all working properly.

The valley pipe draining condensation from the air conditioning can block, causing a wet carpet in the passenger footwell. Check to make sure that carpet is bone dry. The part isn’t expensive, but the labour involves removing the dashboard, so becomes expensive.

Otherwise they are pretty reliable. For me, as close as possible to showroom condition is the first concern. Then checking to ensure it drives quickly, smoothly and without rattles, and that everything is in full working order.

That’s what I did with mine six years ago, and it has been the most reliable car I have ever owned. (I am now touching wood!)

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