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'Take Me Home' vs 'Phone Options'


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Hi All,

I have a niggling little issue with my '64 plate XF-S, and was wondering if anyone had any observations, as it may just be as a result of a software update...

All the videos (on YouTube) that I have seen, plus experience with 2 friends cars, at the bottom of the list on the left hand side of the 'Home' screen, just above the On/Off button, there is a button marked 'Take Me Home', which I consider a very useful Nav shortcut. On my car, however, I have 'Phone Options', which I consider to be fairly useless. Has this happened through a software update (or lack thereof), or because I haven't programmed my Home correctly, (I had to physically name a favourite as 'Home')? Any observations gratefully received!

On a slightly different note, some stupid oik has prised the Leaper badge off the back of my car, also damaging the paintwork. Are these badges fairly universal, or specific to XF?

Many thanks for any help that may appear,

Kind regards,


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Hi Ian,

I'm not sure if yours will be the same as mine but they're both 64 plates. Check the handbook under the 'Touch Screen' section (p64 in mine) and you should find 'Home Menu Shortcuts' under the 'System Settings' section.

That gives, on mine at least, the choice of adding two shortcuts to the main screen. 'Take me Home' is one of mine. You might need to deselect the one you already showing and, of course, choose a 'Home' location for the SatNav to take you back to!

Hope that helps ...


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Hi Richard,

Thank you so much for your response - and you were absolutely right, I had missed the option because it was buried as a sub menu! Just a bloke thing, I guess it's that bloke thing wrt reading instruction books...

Anyway, all sorted now, so thanks for your help,

kind regards,


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