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  1. As Matt (High Peak Autos) frequently says, any car (new or not) can have gremlins - you pays your money and you takes your chance! As stated above, if buying second hand, get a warranty, and ensure the car has been properly serviced...
  2. There is a setting to determine whether they open or not - if it is set to 'not', then they will only open at start up if the climate control was on when you turned the car off... Trust this helps IanL
  3. Unfortunately, these only seem to be compatible with Android devices - unsure why, as iOS (Apple) devices support Bluetooth, (my battery monitor connects via BT), but with the limited research I have done, this seems to be the case...
  4. Unsure if you are still looking for this information? Like you, I need to be aware of my coolant temperature too. There seems to be a variety of devices available, but really the only area you need to be careful of is whether you use iPhone, in which case you need a WiFi device, whereas Android can use bluetooth versions. I use iPhone, so the one I purchased from eBay:- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WiFi-OBD2-ELM-327-Bluetooth-Car-Scanner-Android-iOS-IPhone-Torque-Auto-Scan-Tool/283645981441?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2648 I think the critical bit is
  5. Hi Richard, Thank you so much for your response - and you were absolutely right, I had missed the option because it was buried as a sub menu! Just a bloke thing, I guess it's that bloke thing wrt reading instruction books... Anyway, all sorted now, so thanks for your help, kind regards, IanL
  6. I don't know if things have changed much in the last few years, but I was always inclined to go for a higher mileage car providing the difference wasn't stellar. The reasoning was that the higher mileage car was more likely to have been used on longer journeys, thus giving a good chance for everything to get fully warmed up. Equally, the feeling was that lower mileage cars were more likely to have been used for short journeys (to the shops, for example), potentially leading to increased wear due to cold surfaces, increased fuelling etc., and possible contamination of the sump lub oil with both
  7. By 'passive' entry, do you mean 'keyless'? Keyless entry is (I believe), an option, and can be easily identified by a small black rubber area on the door handle. This is used to lock the vehicle (double press to arm the alarm system), and simply pull the door handle to open the vehicle. Obviously, you need to have the key fob bout your person... Not sure if this helps, but I hope so...
  8. I've had my '64 plate XF-S 3.0D for just over a year now, and I have been getting this error virtually from the start. Apart from not being able to listen to the sound system without the engine running, it also seems to disable the Eco Start/Stop as well. In the early part of this year, when I might go for 10 days without using the car, this happened all the time. Since November, however, when I started to use the car every day, the Start/Stop has started working again. I bought a cheap Bluetooth battery monitor, and previously, the voltage would drop to just below 12 (typically 11.85V), but r
  9. Hi All, I have a niggling little issue with my '64 plate XF-S, and was wondering if anyone had any observations, as it may just be as a result of a software update... All the videos (on YouTube) that I have seen, plus experience with 2 friends cars, at the bottom of the list on the left hand side of the 'Home' screen, just above the On/Off button, there is a button marked 'Take Me Home', which I consider a very useful Nav shortcut. On my car, however, I have 'Phone Options', which I consider to be fairly useless. Has this happened through a software update (or lack thereof), or becau
  10. I follow a guy on Youtube, who has a second hand car dealership, and reviews cars on a fairly regular basis (Matt, High Peak Autos (?)) He makes a very good point that ALL cars can develop faults, but many don't - it's just the luck of the draw. Some cars have known issues, but still don't develop those faults, and that comes down to 'Caveat emptor'! I think the other point is that reading various fora might become a cause for concern, but remember - people rarely post messages saying how wonderful a vehicle might be, but will always !Removed!/complain when they have an issue - if Ja
  11. Never had to do this job personally, though did have the dealer replace the rear brake pads under warranty. As I understand it, the issue you may face will be releasing the electronic handbrake whilst you undertake the work. There is a procedure to do this, but I can't remember what it is - possibly something that could be researched on t'internet...
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