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Hello everyone


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Hi all,

My name is Richard and I'm from Cambridgeshire. I have stumbled across the facelift XFR (2013 model) in my hunt for a change of car (M4, ISF and S7 were on the list).  I have to say from what I have read, the XFR is coming out on top and I am looking to do more research on it.

Can anyone suggest a place to look in regards to a specific thread or website on the XFR? I have Googled 'XFR Buyers guides' and I have been pleasantly surprised by the lack of any real horror stories in owning one! I come from an auto V8 background so VED and fuel bills won't scare me, but knowing any expected big bills would be nice to know.

Thank you.


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Hi Rich.....welcome to the Club

The XF-R is a superb machine and from previous posts in the forums I know that the owners of these fine cars are very passionate about them.
Best to trawl through the site (use the search bar at the top right of the screen) and see what info you can find about this particular model.

Good to have you onboard!

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