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Fuel tanks and hoses

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Hello everyone. I am new here so hope i dont go upsetting anyone by how i type! Ill try my best to separate my sentences so people xan understand what im saying on this thingy. However to all u who know anything about jaguars, i could use some help with my baby.  My father would have loved to been here when i got her but shes his and mine but im going to do what him and i planned and get this sweet Betty up and rolling down the road. She sat for 27 years not sure the best route to start with things but i figure the best place to start is the fuel tanks trying to get those suckers off if any of u have any advise i could sure use some. I did watch a youpube video and i think i got it but cant seem to figure out how to take the fuel caps off without beating up the paint or metal on the trunk or fenders. So yeah any advise on that 1 and do i need to change out all the hoses that has sat in the car since the guy bought it off the show room floor in the 70s? I can do that but is it necessary to do so? Thanx everyone im sure glad i found this club really excited about that car believe me shes a gem  i got a steal hoping to keep the budget down in parts so if y'all know a cheapish place for parts and so forth let me in on that too please im ready to start ordering now lol

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