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Jaguar S type 2007 Diesel.

Having problems with the heater on my Jaguar. Not much fun as its currently a couple of degrees above freezing in the UK at the moment.

So, the car is not generating any hot air from the heating vents even when on full heat. 2 or 3 weeks after I noticed this the climate control unit started to flash on and off intermittently.

After some research I assumed that the heater control valve (5 pipe one) had gone bad and then this had damaged the circuit on the climate control unit. If only…

I took the car to an independent Jag Garage to check the control valve. They checked and advised it is opening and closing as it should.

My next thought was perhaps it was to do with the climate control module as this had been flashing on and off. I bought a refurbished (on exchange) control unit and replaced it. This made no difference.

Spoke to the guy who sold me the unit and he checked my exchange unit to see if there was any damage to the circuit board that may indicate where the problem is coming from. Nothing there he reckons the flashing on and off is down the LCD the rest of the unit works fine.

So where to next the Indi Jag Garage can investigate but warned it could be expensive with no guarantees they will solve it.

Other points to note that may or may not be relevant. Having tried all the settings on the climate control unit hardly any if at all, air is coming out of the footwell or windscreen directed vents even when on full fan. Plenty comes out of the dash vents both sides and center. Aircon blows cold.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Had a similar problem with my 2006  S type last year. Had 2 faults leakage from rear water connection on back of engine. Replaced unit at nearly 350 and then heater control unit under front offside head light at 400 now nice and warm after a couple of miles down the road.  Just need to say done as 2 separate jobs. Chidders

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