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Water in the wheel well of a sportbrake!!


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Chaps and chapesses

ive found water in the wheel well of my sportbrake, had battery not charging come on!!! After drying out over the last 3 days it’s only come back on once and cleared after turning off, I’m not counting my chickens yet!!!!

everyone says it’s the slam vents, however, most of the posts are written by saloon owners, the slam vents aren’t in the same place on sportbrake.


have any of you sportbrake owners had this and solved it? If it’s the slam vent where are they and how are they accessed? Is it an air compressor and control unit out job?

thanks in advance 





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I had the same happen to my 62 plate XF S, the water was so deep I was bailing out for ages. Luckily I suffered no damage. I have a friend who has an F Type and had a similar issue. It affected his electrics and cost him thousands to repair. Jaguar did offer a goodwill payment to help but it was still very costly.

Apparently its to do with a design fault in the ducting/venting in the wheel arches and underneath (???).

Allegedly JLR are aware but keep it very quite.....

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