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Hi fellow S-Type owners,

I dipped into Wikipedia earlier to see if I could confirm some S-Type production figures I was interested in, namely the number of 5 speed manual 3.0 petrols S-Types built, if anyone has the info or can point me towards it?

When I was somewhat shocked to find that under the 'Reception' section  of the S-Type page, it was still carrying the ill informed opinions of the ex Top Gear crew who give the model less than glowing reviews!

Here's a link to the page, scroll down a bit to see 'Reception'

After all these years is this really the most relevant info that a casual researcher will find out about our cars? I'm not sure how one logs in and edits a page, but I hope that one of us knows how and can get it done! Or can presume upon the services of a technically savvy friend or relative that can do it?

Presumably, we're all fond of the cars and like the styling, refinement and power of the cars; grace space pace etc. I think they have aged well and they are getting that bit rarer a sight on our roads. To see them being so savaged by these ~20 year old reviews by those self important blowhards is mildly irritating.

In other news, I've just bought a 2nd S-Type, another rare 5 speed manual, as my Sport has been SORNED for a short while and I thought having a donor car will be invaluable as the years go on. The new SE has a short MOT and once I have the tax sorted, I look forward to using her for a few months and can hardly wait to get back behind the wheel! 

All the best, Russ 😉




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