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Not sure this got posted

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Still new to this forum, sorry.  Not sure if this got posted or not, I can't see such

Can anyone recommend a reasonable quality car cover brand for a XF2016 saloon to be kept outside.  I know Halfords have cheap covers, and you can by many from £150-£500! It's all confusing.

I know from past they to to be breathable and have soft lining to not scratch paint. They can also blow of with poor ties and be a pain if needed everyday. But for severe cold./heat what might work at a fair price? Can even used covers be found? Or is a cover a bad idea full stop....  Paintwork is in excellent condition if I do by this car., hence to preserve.

Any ideas, recommendations?

Also 20, 000 miles service seems a long time, should a smaller intermediate service be done say every year on any specific parts?


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I replied to your first post on covers, stating that i wouldn't fit one because if the car is parked outside the wind will blow it about and it will leave the paintwork as if Sandpaper had been used on it .

If the car is kept in a garage the cover could cause certain parts to rust if the car is not dried off, better to just have Dust sheets on the car.

As for Oil changes i wouldn't use the 2 yearly service interval, most members change every 12 months but some do a 6 month oil and filter change because off the Diesel Particle Filter it depends what engine you have, with the X260 XF the Diesel Particle Filter is close coupled and has very few problems.

But cars that have the DPFilter fitted to the exhaust past the gearbox, will probably have more oil changes.

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Thanks Tom, still finding my way round forum. So a cover sounds like a waste and better to use a quality polish perhaps. Oil every 12 months sounds better, 24 just feels too long. Thanks again for advice for a a newbie.


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I have to agree with Tom, I had an MG once and ruined the paintwork within about a week after covering it with a car cover when I went sailing, a windy week but the car came out looking as if it had been sandblasted.

I have an XE and do an intermediate oil change every 10,000 miles.

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Thanks Colin for extra thoughts.  I recall years  back having a pretty cheap cover that kept blowing off. But had hoped the more modern costly covers were better but it seems they have risks. I will get the Autoglyn out and keep fit polishing  Many thanks, Tim

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