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Perhaps one for Dan@AdrianFlux


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Sometimes watch the Police reality series and also see items in the papers about people with multiple driving convictions.

Now, presumably, some will never bother getting insurance.

Always wondered how those who do decide to get insurance fare:

If they have 3 drink drive convictions

Have a large number of speeding convictions along with bans under the topping up process

Dangerous driving convictions


You hopefully get my drift, how does the premiums go up and is there ever a case where any insurer will not insure someone.

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Thanks for the post.

We have insurers that will consider every risk on it's individual merits regardless of it's overall profile, whether it be young drivers on high performance cars, people in the public eye such as celebrities or sports persons or drivers with a number of claims or convictions. It's certainly not a one size fits all approach.

We like to believe that wherever possible no one is un-insurable but whether a client is willing or able to afford such premiums is another matter.




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