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XE Engine Tuning


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I’m looking to buy an XE but not sure about engine choice.

I’ll be doing lots of miles and mostly long motorway journeys so fuel economy is my first priority but the low end off the mark performance is second.

Obviously a diesel engine XE for the economy but not so much for off the mark performance so I would like to know about any tuning options to lessen the turbo lag or if the lower powered diesel engine would be better for low end tuning since it might have a smaller turbo though I suspect the power difference is down to a factory tune.


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Hi Mark, you have probably made up your mind by now but for what it's worth you would probably find the 180 diesel with its 50 plus mpg to be perfectly adequate power wise, dynamic and sports mode will get rid of most turbo lag. To chip the engine would almost certainly give you a higher performance but the cost would be to invalidate any warranty, your insurance premium would rocket ( if you could find an insurer) also I have chipped several cars in the past, ALL of them would on occasion simply cut out without any warning whatsoever when accelerating hard. A rare occurence but they all did it once or twice, it aint funny when overtaking traffic.

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