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Good morn,
I've just registered with the forum and intend to do some research prior to getting a getting another XJ6.
I last owned a XJ6 in the mid 1990s - it would have been the last of the XJ40 models with a 4.0L AJ16 motor and 4 speeder auto in a nice grey colour. I really liked that car and have always fancied getting another one day - which I think is approaching.

My current cars are a Porsche Boxster (fun car), Skoda Superb diesel estate (sensible car) and a 1980 Volvo 244 (project car) - plus 3 bikes (Triumph, CCM and Suzuki). The XJ6 idea is based on nostalgia and ability (room and money) on my part. I think I'd be looking for a X300 with the AJ16 motor and 4 speed box, not a project car that I could run for 2-3,000 miles/year. I'm in no rush so I'm hoping this forum will allow me to research the right type of car to buy.

Best wishes,


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