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ABS/Electronic problem


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I have just joined  so I hope this message appears and I don't drop any clangers! I'm in an emotional dilemma so if anyone can give me views on this I will be very grateful.

I own a 2004 Jaguar XJ6 in Green, 105,000 miles, which I've owned for ten years which I bought from my late brother who had it for four years, so it has family sentimental ties. The car is a real looker and has just purred along incredibly well but has now developed an electronic problem. It starts and runs great but warning signs are showing relating to ABS fault, engine management, speedo stops working (after five minutes) and traction not working.

I've had the private garage to check it over on the computer and he confirms the ABS has failed and two rear sensors. He says the ABS affects all the other info.  Is it worth me repairing for about £2K - will I likely have another problem and start to throw money down the drain.  I've been offered £500 scrappage. Is there a private expert in this line (I'm based in Yorkshire).

Thank you if you can offer advice.


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What kind of daily mileage are you doing? My first thought is that it may be due to a partially discharged battery: Jaguars throw up all kinds of spurious electronic warnings if the battery is not kept fully charged, and coronavirus restrictions have resulted in a lot of poorly charged batteries.

I keep my XK on a CTEK battery conditioner if it is not doing decent runs, so the battery is always fully charged, but I did get such warnings before I started doing this.

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Plus one for battery but it also might just be a speed sensor. I had similar problems on my previous car  and a £30 sensor restored harmony.

Hope you get it sorted without too much hassle.


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