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Auto to manual conversion.


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Good evening,

I need a bit of technical expertise please.  My son and I are building a project car and we are hoping to use a Jaguar 3.0 V6 as the power plant.  It has to be a transverse  layout so the X-Type is the obvious donor.  Our problem is that the manual boxes are 4 wheel drive. Can I assume that a Ford 2wd box will be direct replacement?  Or, if  I went for an auto model, which there seem to be more of,  would I have ECU problems?

Lastly, is the gearbox from a 2wd 2.1 V6 compatible with the 3.0.

And one more idea is to use an S Type engine.  Longitudinal I know but once it's out of the car and gearbox removed, am I looking at exactly the same motor as an X -Type 3.0?

All advice greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


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