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Which F Type?

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Hi all
F Type here I come. Some advice from those that own them. I am looking at a retirement present for sunny days out & weekends away with the wife. I definitely want a convertible. I am looking at around the £40k mark but do I go for 2016/17 v6 or a 2018/19 2.0 4. I am leaning toward the 6 but a newer 4 might be nice. This car will be a keeper, car port built and power point for trickle charger. I know the 6 sounds glorious but not had any experience of the 4, do they sound good?
Will be keeping current XF as my daily  use car.

Thanks in advance looking forward to reply’s
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The 4 is like a certain brown substance of a warm shovel, and with the loud button on sounds excellent, use mine as a daily drive and it performs well in all areas,always puts a smile on my face

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