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Hi from newbie

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I finally managed to get back in to a Jaaaag again last month after 4 years with another make, one with a 3 pointed star badge!

Anyway I was looking for an xj diesel, but every time I found a goodun it was either at the other end of the country, or was already gone. So I decided to look for an xf instead, found a very nice looking one that was only half to the other end of the country.

XF S Portfolio in black, dark grey wheels and an ivory interior very nice condition, but  the paintwork unfortunately makes it a bit of a ten yarder,  nothing major, a few flat spots, a bit of orange peel, and the front looks like someone shot it with a shotgun, stone chips everywhere!.Can't wait to have at it with some wet and dry and my clay mit.

Will post some pic,s as soon as I figure out how to, and as soon as I have taken any.



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I was the same,Jag less, nothing compares to ta Jag.

Yes everything that seemed decent was miles away.

Oh I saw a few real badly cared for cars before I found one.

One dealer, it looked great in pictures, but in real life it had badly scuffed paint one side,

big chunks out of alloys, a large hole in bumper and filthy inside!

You will soon get the paint right, I use Maguires, what do you use?

Looking forward to pictures.


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Hi Julie, thanks for the reply.

Yeah i hate looking for new cars, i always seem to find one that looks great but there is always something wrong, or the equipment levels weren't right, the amount of lovely XJ's i found that had no heated seats was incredible (poor old man can't be doing with cold leather!) Funnily enough two of the most georgeous XJ's i saw were in Wales, one a BRG 3.0 petrol and an even nicer red 2.7 diesel, both were stunning, but still had things i didn't want and didn't have things i did want ie too high milage or poverty spec equipment levels. That's why i decided to look for an XF and within a week i had this one!

I use Maguires for compounding, but i'm not keen on the polishes and waxes from them, i tend to use autoglym for polish and colinite for wax.

Will probably try a different polish on the Jag' though, i want to apply polish with a d/a rather than by hand, and autoglym is horrible stuff to use with a machine.

Will try to get some pic's up within the week.



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